Don’t let ISD die

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Don’t let ISD die
Mainland Ecumenical Ministers Association Of Galveston County supports the La Marque independent school district superintendent, school board, faculty, staff and students.
After the trustees saw fit to retain attorney Christopher Tritico to represent the board in its battle to save the district, MEMA saw fit to stand in unity with the district to ensure all that transpires will contribute to the continued building of our community and the development of our children.

watkins, terri                Terri Watkins

It is our organization’s distinct belief that La Marque ISD is worth saving and much needed for the continuation of our venerable community. Throughout La Marque’s long history, its clergy have served as the voice of the people and that tradition still holds strong.
Lifelong learning is the fabric of our community. If La Marque ISD dies, La Marque dies.
It is the intent of our show of solidarity to voice our concerns with leaders in the educational field, to connect, share insights and ultimately reiterate our support of superintendent Terri Watkins and La Marque ISD’s continued existence.
Since Watkins’ appointment, the district has shown improvements in finances, discipline,  community involvement and initiatives, curriculum and instruction and academic performance, according to figures issued by the Texas education agency.
DN Benfield,
President, MEMA
Texas City

Trump is the real
radical extremist
The leading Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, declares that we should bar Muslims from entering America.
He obviously believes that this type of obscenity is popular with the American public. Does he really understand what major damage he is doing to our country?
Is he so ignorant or greedy and power hungry that he is willing to sacrifice the national interests of this country for a few more votes from a minority group?
Nullifying the US constitution and alienating one-and-a-half billion Muslims around the world is not in the best interests of America.
Suggesting this type of policy, regardless of whether it is ever considered or not, is a disaster for America and should be condemned.
Ali Khalili

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