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Uncommon Sense with Glenn Mollette

The November 8 presidential vote is coming soon. The votes will be cast and either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be our next president. In January, Barack Obama will move out of the White House and either Trump or Clinton will move in.
We will have a new president and, regardless of which candidate is elected,
a lot of people in our country will be unhappy. A lot
of people were unhappy four years ago and that has been the case at every election.
By the time the current campaign has ended, will the Clinton people and the Trump people even be able to speak a civil word to each other?
If you are going to have a peaceful gathering with your family or a large number of friends, you are probably wise to not mention either name. The mere mention of either name brings a rise of rhetoric, debate and unfortunate anger.
Most Americans who have given our issues and candidates much thought have a lot of passion about this election and each of the two major-party candidates.
Social media has created a somewhat safe haven for people to share with candor how they feel about things related to the election. However, open support for either candidate means you can figure that approximately 50 per cent of your social-media friends will be ticked off at you and probably no longer like you.
When the election is over, we had better try working together in this nation. I don’t see how we can survive another four years if
we continue to fight and bite each other.
Our inner cities need all of us to come together. Our military forces need
a united America.
Can you imagine fighting on the battlefield representing America while most of the folks you are representing are fighting each other?  Our children and grandchildren need us all to pull together.
Eventually, there will not be an America to enjoy if we don’t get our act together in this country.
Glenn Mollette is an American author whose
syndicated column is read
in all 50 states.

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