Supreme court says no to Cox

By Ian White

THE STATE’S supreme court on Tuesday denied judge Lonnie Cox’s emergency motion to prevent the county commissioners creating a justice-administration job for the county’s three junior courts.
And, as Cox feared, the commissioners went ahead that afternoon and created a position with a salary range of $60,038 to $66,269, less than half the $113,000 or so earned by Bonnie Quiroga before county judge Mark Henry summarily fired her as director of the administration department in July 2014.
Cox had submitted the emergency motion on Monday after learning that the three county-court judges at Galveston’s justice center had requested the “establishment of a justice administration system” to serve their courts.
He was furious that the request could undermine the legal battle in which the county’s executive and judicial branches have been vying for officially recognized control of the justice administration department following Quiroga’s termination.
On Wednesday, he seemed sanguine about the high court’s decision, telling The Post: “What constitutes an emergency in Galveston is not necessarily an emergency in Austin. No blood was shed and no lives lost and the supreme court’s denial of our motion noted that the case is still before the justices.”

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