Key work for county duo

Faircloth and Creighton to watch the state’s economy for Austin

By Trishna Buch

TWO OF the county’s state politicians have been charged with helping to lead Texas’ political efforts to boost the economy.
Wayne Faircloth, who holds the district 23 seat in Austin’s house of representatives, has been handed the chair of the Texas house manufacturing caucus, while Brandon Creighton, who represents the senate’s district four, has been named vice-chairman of that chamber’s committee on business and commerce.
Both said they were looking forward to their new roles after their appointments last week.
Faircloth, left, said: “As Texans and Americans, we are constantly exploring new technologies to push Texas to the forefront of innovation.
“We believe it is vital, not only to maintain our standard of living and quality of life, but to also lead the nation by example.”
Creighton, below, whose appointment came courtesy lieutenant governor Dan Patrick, was also made a member of the senate committees of agriculture, water and rural affairs, criminal justice, state affairs and transportation.
His business-and-commerce committee position entails attention to the state’s business, insurance and regulatory industries.
After learning of his appointments, the senator, whose district includes Bolivar peninsula, said: “Serving on these committees will allow senate district four a priority seat at the table in addressing some of the most pressing issues we currently face in Texas”.
The representatives’ caucus is a forum in which house members discuss policies critical to the state economy. It provides public education on policy issues relevant to manufacturing and keeps an eye on the state’s attractiveness to new businesses.
According to the center for manufacturing research, factories employed 7.3 per cent of the Texas workforce in 2015, accounted for 14.5 per cent of the state’s total economic output and contributed $251 billion in manufactured goods to Texas’ exports that year, a figure that led the nation.
More than 866,000 Texans were employed in manufacturing and Faircloth said he believes the state government can continue to improve Texas’ manufacturing base.

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