By Lora-Marie Bernard

League City has joined a growing list of cities that are pooling funds to produce a video that touts the proposed coastal barrier system.
The Ike Dike, which is the conversational term for a proposed system, is now on President Trump’s top 50 infrastructure projects, said League City councilmember Nick Long. He said a recently completed storm impact study showed League City had a great deal to gain by encouraging federal dollars to flow to the project.
“This study showed that 8 of the 25 most severely impacted neighborhoods, in case of a large hurricane entering Galveston Bay, are actually here in League City,” he said.
Long discussed the project at the City of League City council meeting last week. During that meeting, the council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution that earmarks $15,000 for a marketing agreement with the Bay Area Coastal Protection Alliance.
He said the funding would help create an educational video that could help U.S. Congress understand the project. The video would explain how the Ike Dike could protect and reduce storm recovery costs.
He said that failure to get the federal funds for a barrier means Federal Emergency Management Agency would be tapped when a hurricane hits the Texas Gulf. It’s better to get funds to protect rather than to react, he said.
“This also protects our national economy and, frankly, our national security,” he said “So I think this is a small investment for the city to make to really get out the word about how the Ike Dike project is vital to the security of the Gulf Coast.”
Other city councils that have already authorized funding include Morgan’s Point, Houston, Deer Park, LaPorte, Nassau Bay and Seabrook, he said.
“The smaller cities a little less the larger cities a little more,” he said “Then also at the same time, in the next coming weeks, some of the other cities around GB will be contributing as well.”

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