From Our Family To Yours by David Day

For fourteen years, our family has proudly operated The Post Newspaper. In today’s climate of digital news, 24-hour news cycles, and instant access to what is happening in San Antonio and San Juan Puerto Rico; nationally and internationally, we, as a family, have come to the conclusion that there is a big segment of the news that isn’t being covered at all. So, we have decided to tackle the challenge of covering what is happening right outside our own front door.
The Post Newspaper is now focusing on being “Your Community News” and we want your help in changing our news coverage to local community news. Let us know of events, a citizen that goes above and beyond to help others, fund raisers for a person battling cancer, a student that volunteers to help others; these are the stories of our lives. These are the stories that define us and celebrate our towns, our friends, our families, ourselves. These are the stories that we want to tell and with YOUR help we will be relevant, uplifting, celebratory, and reflective of the diversity and the uniqueness that makes us who we are…Texas City – La Marque – Hitchcock – Santa Fe – Dickinson – League City – Kemah – Baycliff – Alvin – every corner of our wonderful Galveston County. So, reach out to us in the way you are most comfortable. Give us a call, stop by for a visit, shoot us an email, visit us on Facebook or you can even Tweet us @postpublisher.
As we take on this new challenge, we are also very aware of the myriad way people get their news. So, in the spirit of all things digital, what you see in print, you will also be able to find online. We hope this will encourage an ease of communication and allow us to reach our community members young and old.
Thank you for your support. And may God bless you one and all.

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