Endings And Beginnings

Inspirations by Frances Durisseau

The month of May is ending.I pray it was a good one for you. School is letting out, graduations are happening, and many are either breathing a sigh of relief over those two things, or feeling an element of sadness, because one of their babies are stepping out into the grown-up world. As we close this month, ‘may’ we do so with more happiness than sadness. ‘May’ we look back and see that we grew a little more in every area of our lives. ‘May’ we find that we have become stronger, more determined,and more satisfied with our lives. I also hope that you ‘may’ find that no matter what you might have gone through, that your moments, hours, days, and weeks, brought you to a place of knowing more about love and peace. ‘May’ the closure of this month of May, leave you looking forward to all the possibilities of joy in the season ahead. There is always a lot of promise in the word may! May we continue to allow it to be revealed to us!

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