Hot Fun In The Summertime

Inspirations by Frances Durisseau

Welcome to the month of June! For most, regardless of the date on the calendar, June represents the start of the summer season. We dream of taking the ultimate, fun vacation. We dream of summer days by the pool or at the beach, relaxing with a refreshing beverage and good book. For many of us in Texas, we dream of days that aren’t above ninety degrees! Wherever summer finds you, or wherever you may roam this season, remember to keep dreaming good dreams, especially when you wonder why in the world you were eager for school to be out and the kids underfoot all day every day. Look at those children with dreams in your heart for them, because these days of summer go by so fast! There may come a day, when you will long for these days, when the house is empty and quiet, and you don’t have smaller hands reaching for that refreshing beverage you just poured yourself. The quiet that lies ahead has many good points. Making your own schedule your way, without ballgames, ballet classes, and swim lessons has it’s perks. But a part of you will always miss those chaotic, crazy days of summer. My wish for you is that all your dreams of a perfect summer come true, even if those dreams seem out of reach at the present. Keep dreaming for you, for them, and for all the good that lies ahead, in every season of your lives!

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