La Marque can Vote in Dickinson for Run-Off Election

By Lora-Marie Bernard

La Marque residents will be able to vote in Dickinson for an upcoming council runoff and some councilmembers are befuddled by it.

Voters voting in polling place

“It’s just a little awkward, for us to have our residents to go outside our city limits,” said Mayor Pro Tem Keith Bell.
Galveston County administers elections for the City of La Marque, which allows voters to cast ballots at any location. La Marque residents will be able to vote at the Dickinson Community Center during early voting and on Election Day, said Robin Eldridge, City Clerk.
“La Marque and most cities in Galveston County use countywide polling locations that is why they scattered them out for the cities that are having runoffs,” Eldridge said. “It’s the same way for regular elections. Every year it’s been like that because it’s countywide polling.”
The city will have a District D runoff election between candidates Casey McAuliffe and Greg Snow-King Cornett. Neither candidates achieved a solid majority in the May 6 Election.  The three-way race included David Pennington.
Bell’s comments came as the La Marque City Council considered a resolution that established the procedures for the June 17 runoff election. The resolution was adopted in a 4-1 vote last week.
District D councilmember Clent Brown, who did not seek reelection, cast the sole dissenting vote. Bell supported the item but said the Dickinson location should be monitored.
Brown said he opposed the out-of-city locations because the district does not have many voters and the current arrangement is cumbersome.
“It’s not a good thing for the City of La Marque,” Brown said. “We have people higher above us tell us what to do. I don’t like that at all.”
Mayor Bobby Hocking added that there were also local locations, such as the La Marque Community Center, for voters to cast ballots. He expected most people will come to City Hall.

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