By Nicky De Lange

Have you ever had a really unusual idea pop into your head suddenly? It might be sparked by something you see or hear, or maybe because of something you are experiencing.
That happened to me a few weeks ago. My husband and I were wrestling one of our cats into his carrying cage for a visit to the veterinarian.
This cat is no dummy. He knows his cat carrier is used for one purpose – a trip that is apt to involve shots, blood tests or other unpleasant events. Suddenly this docile nine pound animal turns into a lean, mean, fighting machine.
He unsheathes all those lethal claws, and the fight is on. It takes two adults, a lot of determination and a few bad words to accomplish what should be a simple task.
So the last time we managed to do this and emerge unscathed, I had one of those moments – sort of an epiphany – and uttered three magical words: “straitjackets for cats!”
My husband looked at me as if I’d lost my mind. “Yes!” I exclaimed. “That’s what cat owners need to control their kitties while loading them up, giving them shots or anything else the cat objects to. And we could pitch it to Shark Tank!”
In case you haven’t seen this television series, you’re missing some great TV. People apply to get on the show so can they pitch their commercial brainstorms to the “sharks:” five very wealthy business people who made millions by coming up with new ideas and getting them on the market. Now they sit onstage while new entrepreneurs “pitch” their own ideas, trying to get an investment from one of the five.
And that’s when I realized that Straitjackets For Cats would be perfect for the show. I don’t think there are any out there on the market, and demonstrating how to get one on a cat would make a great visual.
I can just picture shark Lori Grenier, often seen promoting things like this on shopping channel QVC, briskly cramming a very irritated feline into its restrictive new jacket.
Now I just have to figure out how to design the thing, as well as making it look easy putting the cat into it . . .
I really don’t think I’ll pursue this, but you can see how quickly I went from wishing for a cat straitjacket to wanting to market it on Shark Tank. TV definitely can influence us. Now I have to come up with another brilliant idea. One that doesn’t involve cat wrestling.
There’s already too much mayhem and madness on screen these days.

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