Saturday ON 6th STREET

Though the pull of 6th Street is really strong, this Saturday we wandered over to Dickinson to visit the “Hidden Treasures, Sacred places” Backyard Garden Tour sponsored by Dickinson’s Keep Dickinson Beautiful, a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to educating and engaging the community to take action to create and maintain a clean, healthy, beautiful environment.
This year’s tour shared the secret backyard gardens of Adrian and Christine Ross featuring Mosaics from Marsha Sweet on display; Rod and Lynne Mize displaying Roseann Rapp’s religious items; Mike and Debbie Cothern with paintings by Dickinson artist Harvey Criswell; Gerhard and Daisy Meineke featuring garden plates by Connie Klein; Rod and Sue Bown showcasing Sue’s students in various media, and Eddie and Tami Abbott with pottery by Eleanor Brown and photography by Dylan Cody.
This is a wonderful way to combine artistic landscaping with artistic Dickinsonians to place emphasis on the importance of investing in the care of our neighborhoods. Large or small, every yard  has the potential to surprise, engage, educate and bring enjoyment to simply being outdoors.  This year’s participants truly outdid themselves as you can see from some of the lovely photographs furnished by the Keep Dickinson Beautiful volunteers!

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