The Roads Of Indecision

Inspirations by Frances Durisseau

There are times that our lives can seem to be a chaos of contradictions. We feel like we are constantly at a fork in our road with signs pointing in every direction, and we have to choose the appropriate  way to go. What if we choose wrong? What if left is more right, and right seems totally wrong? Do we dare choose or do we stay stuck on the road of indecision, which in itself is a choice or decision.There are times we just need a small time out to breathe. Take a deep breath and listen to our heart and our spirit. We may not always make the right choice, but the good thing is, we can always put ourselves in reverse, and head in a new direction. Life is often times a chaos of contradictions. But what is totally awesome is we get to live it-really live it before we die. We can choose to live a life full of love. We can savor this sweet life we have, even if its not always easy, or with a clear path ahead of us. Just keep your head up, your feet moving, and your heart open.  The right path will unfold.

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