Doc Amey’s Rags to Riches

For Edward Doc Amey, going from rags to riches had nothing to do with money.  Doc’s riches ome in the form of finding his life partner, finding his path, and now, helping others to find their own path. Since the publication of his book “Kept Phantom to Faith – A Troubled Life to Victory”, pictured here, Doc has begun to see that his life experiences are all to common in this world. And with that realization he has set about to correct that imbalance by sharing his life experiences with all who cross his path. With that in mind, Doc presented The Post a proposal to practice his outreach through dialogue with our readers. It is his hope, and ours, hat those who are struggling and need some guidance and direction, will be able to find it here. Watch this space; we will have more about Doc in coming issues.

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