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I scream because ice cream is coming


By Trishna Buch

Chocolate, vanilla, coffee, mango and root beer ice. Why am I listing flavors, you may be wondering. This is because Sixth Street in Texas City will soon be home to a well-known and highly loved ice cream store—Hey Mikey’s Ice Cream.
Owner Mikey Bouvier, along with his son Robert, will be gathering their skills and talents and bringing them to the Texas City location. Bouvier’s wife—Kathy—and his other son Nick will continue to work out of the Galveston shop; located on Post Office Street.
Bouvier told me that he has always been passionate about cooking. He told me that, as a child, he used to watch his mother cook around and the house.
“I love to cook,” he told me. “I’m the type of person that can be making ice cream for 12 hours a day and then go home and cook.” But Bouvier was not always in the culinary field. In fact, he told me that he has a background in construction and worked in that field for 23 years. His most recent job was working for a construction company out of Las Vegas, doing water and wastewater treatments. “After so many years it’s starts to take a lot out of you,” he told me. “I just didn’t like the person I was becoming and my wife said we need to get out of here.”
Bouvier then started an ice cream trailer in Boise, Idaho but the harsh winters urged Bouvier to relocate to Texas, about eight years ago. “I had a vision of operating my trailer on the Seawall,” he told me. “But the people on the Seawall wanted me to pay a lot of money and I didn’t want that, so we started a brick and mortar.”
After operating briefly on Post Office Street and 9th Street, Bouvier moved his store to its current location, where visitors have been enjoying ice cream and other treats for several years.
The location in Texas City is going to be similar to its Galveston counterpart, complete with delicious flavors and friendly faces. One exciting feature is that the new location will include an ice cream viewing section; where children and adults will have the opportunity to watch as Bouvier and his son make the ice creams we will all enjoy. It will also include a patio and an area for children to play around in. The area will be gated and fenced off, which makes it a perfect and safe location to enjoy an afternoon.
Along with ice cream, the store will also sell shakes, Italian ices, and other enjoyable treats. And Bouvier’s own creations—the Ice Cream Nachos, the Ice Cream Donut and The Bucket—will also be on hand. To learn more about those, take a look at our extended article on our website at
And be sure to visit Hey Mikey’s when it opens on 6th Street in late June or early July!

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