Inspirations by Frances Durisseau

Through the years, as I have gone through the wanderings of my life, there are some tidbits of wisdom  I have gleaned and held onto. With the ups and downs of life, the seasons that we endure , and the valleys and the mountain tops we find ourselves traveling through, we can all use all the wisdom nuggets that we  plant into our hearts and minds, to bring back up and reflect upon when we need them the most. So today I wanted to share some with you, just in case you were ever in need. There are three life bits of wisdom that we all need to commit to our most sacred memory. Home is not just one solitary place, but it is also a feeling we take with us wherever we go. Time is not measured by the second hands of a clock but by the moments that we experience. Heartbeats are not only heard and felt while they are beating, but they are felt and shared long after they are silenced. Just some things to reflect on when you need them!


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