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There is a song that goes “Everything Old is New Again” that reminds us how as much as things change, there are some things that stay the same. There is one recurring theme that I continue to run across as I visit our many communities and that is how vibrant is our community of Seniors. We see them active in our Churches, our non-profit organizations, in the schools in the arts, they seem to be present as well working well past retirement and showing us that age is truly only a number.
One such example is a young lady of 75 who has been waiting on customers of the Walgreens in La Marque for over thirty years. Everyone knows her as Ms. Ronnie. And as I stand watching her work I am struck by the patience she has with each and every customer, often answering the same question over and over again, with the same kind smile, the same “That’s OK Honey.”, and a warm smile and a wink for each child.
Ms. Ronnie will tell you there is nothing special about her. When she divorced at the age of 40, she had children to care of so she got a job. She started with Walgreens when it was where the Family Dollar is now. The oldest of five children, she grew up in Kansas City Kansas, graduating from Washington High School in 1960. She moved to Texas with her husband when he was hired by NASA, because back then “that’s just what you did”.
These days, she spends her free time working in her yard, watching her soaps, visiting her daughter and grandchildren Brandon and Shana and she loves her solitaire and Search Words.
When she is out and about, it is not unusual for her to hear “Hi Ms. Ronnie” or “Ms. Walgreens, Hello!”. “Sometimes it is a little embarrassing because I might not recognize them right off the bat but I know I probably waited on them before so it’s a pretty good feeling.”
Ms.Ronnie has no plans to retire. She rarely misses work, happily covers for coworkers when needed. “I’m pretty healthy because I keep busy. I guess my body will tell me when it’s time to slow down. But till then, I’ll be right here.” And that is a pretty good thing – for Walgreens and for all the customers who come in each day to see Ms. Ronnie, right there at the front counter with a smile and a “Welcome to Walgreens!”.


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