The New Face of the American Legion

There is little quite so humbling as realizing something you have heard about all your life is not at all what you thought it was. For example, did you know our local American Legion is made up of several factions: Sons of American Legion – the Sons of Veterans, the Legion Riders, and the Auxiliary – Daughters of Veterans. Working together, these groups fund scholarships to Mainland Community College for graduating students. They raise funds for everything from LED flares for police officers to a bus ticket for a Vet trying to get home.
I did notice there is a strong bond among these people who feel an obligation to honor military sacrifice by being not only a resource for Veterans and their families, but giving them a place to belong, to feel welcome and no matter how dire their own situation might be, a chance to do for others.
We are going to follow this merry band of Riders for a while, and see where their adventures take us as they “Saddle Up” to go for a ride and spread some good will around the Mainland, something they do the 4th Saturday of every month. This Sunday they will mark the passing of one of their members by holding a benefit for the family of Gus Manis today from 1 pm until 7 pm to raise money to assist with medical & burial expenses.
So yes, there is a bar at the American Legion in Texas City and it is frequented by kind people who fill a need when they see it and there seems to be quite bit of that going around. I would encourage you to take a drive out 29th this Sunday afternoon  and just stop when you see a bunch of people having a wonderful time. You will have arrived at American Legion, Rider, and SAL Post 89. Best place in town to get some help, give some help or just make a friend.

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