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A Woman By Many Names

Meet Jamie Megress – The Post’s Digital Manager

By Trishna Buch

The Digital Diva. That is how one Post staff member refers to Jamie Megress. Megress is this week’s contestant on our “getting to know the Post staff” series.
When a member of staff, or a visitor, walks into the office, the first person they see is Megress. She sits at the front of the office and is always willing to assist anybody who walks through the doors. No job is too big or small for her and—during her time with The Post—she has gained the respect of everyone associated with the paper. And, despite being referred to by many nicknames—Digital Diva and Social Media Queen, to name a few—her official title is The Post Newspaper’s Digital Manager.
Megress has been a vital member of the paper for the past two years. Vital being the key word because, without her, The Post’s digital footprint would not be at the standard it currently is. When I spoke to her, she told me that, as a Digital Manager, she is responsible for maintaining the website and keeping the social media accounts up-to-date. The Post has recently started on a path to achieving social media savviness, but Megress has been key in keeping our online accounts up and running over the past couple of years. Megress constantly posts links to articles on the newspaper’s Facebook and Twitter pages; which allows everybody easy access to our website.
The website is another one of Megress’s work babies. While I write the articles, and production manager Tina Gomez puts the paper together and gets the e-edition online; Megress is responsible for the maintenance of the website. She is responsible for posting videos that correspond to articles and for ensuring that links within articles work; as well as keeping an eye on the general look and layout of the website. And that’s not all! Megress is also responsible for making affidavits for legal notices, selling ads and creating run sheets that determine the ads that will be placed in each paper.
“I do a little of everything,” she told me
A former softball player for Alvin Community College, Megress now focuses her time between the paper and her family. She told me that her family is extremely important to her, evidenced by the fact that David Day—owner of The Post—is her uncle.
“I’ve always seen it as a positive thing that the paper is owned by my family,” she told me. “It gives me a larger incentive to do the best work I can for it, because I want to help see my uncle’s vision through.”
And when asked about the changes the paper is seeing, Megress was all smiles.  “I think it’s going to be a very exciting and positive change for the paper.”
Although she was born and raised in Texas City, Megress now lives in Baytown with her husband and nine-year-old daughter, Kendall. When she is not working, she enjoys watching videos, going to the beach and spending time with family and friends.
Megress told me that she is the youngest of three sisters and was spoiled as a child.
“Being the youngest, I always got what I wanted.”
But now the tables have turned, and Megress is spoiling us with her wonderful personality and skills. Everyone in the office has their talents, but the aspects of the job that one person can do, cannot be matched by anyone. Megress has all the makings of an excellent Digital Manager, and no one can top her.
And if Megress could describe her time at The Post in one word, she would say “life-changing.”
The Post is very pleased that she is a part of our team and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for us!

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