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Here Comes the Ice Cream Man!


By Trishna Buch

Faith and ice cream. Those are two of the most amazing things the world can offer. And one Texas City resident found a way to bring the two together, through his ice cream truck business.
The resident—more commonly known as The Ice Cream Man—has been in the ice cream business for 24 years. But selling ice cream out of his truck, which is decorated with stickers and has “The Ice Cream Man” painted clearly on it, was not his first professional endeavor.
“I used to do cable TV, but I fell off the pole and broke my back,” he told us. “So I couldn’t do what I used to do anymore.”
The Ice Cream Man said that it took him two years to recover from his accident and, in that time, he turned to God to help him find another path to follow. “I’m supposed to support my family,” he told us. “And ice cream came to mind.” He said that he knew it was the Holy Spirit that had led him to the path of life’s most delicious, creamiest treat. He looked into why there were no ice cream trucks in Texas City and found out that, in 1963, ice cream trucks were outlawed due to an accident. However, the entrepreneur was determined to start his business.
“After meeting with the city for over a year and half, they finally repealed the ordinance they had against vending.” This allowed the Ice Cream Man—who has been living in Texas City since 1983—to officially go into business. He told us that he would drive his truck around the neighborhoods, and children would run up to him screaming “the ice cream man is here, the ice cream man is here!” This is what gave him the inspiration to refer to himself as the official Ice Cream Man. “I am the Ice Cream Man,” he said. “These other people—they’re just ice cream people.
“Someone will say ‘hey, I saw the ice cream man’ and I’ll say ‘no you didn’t, I wasn’t there.”
And he is all about the children. He made it clear that he is not in the business for the money, he is in it for the joy it brings to the children.
“It’s all about the memories the children are going to have,” he told us.
And his passion for helping children make memories is evidenced by the fact that he enjoys having conversations and playing games with the children that come to buy ice cream out of his truck. He recalled a game he used to play, where he would ask a child a riddle that was found in an ice cream bar and, if they answered correctly, they were given a free ice cream.
Due to health complications, he no longer drives around the neighborhood, but his ice cream business is still in full swing. He is always happy to cater to any party all over the county and even goes beyond the county. With his truck that holds 2,000 pounds of ice cream, he makes his way over to the party and is an immediate hit. The Ice Cream Man’s truck holds various types of cold treats; including ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, fruit bars and fudgesicles. And all you have to do is call him at 409-945-8804 if you’d like him to come out to your occasion.
“I do birthday parties, company parties, picnics, and just anything similar,” he told us. “There’s no limit. “I can cater to parties with 10 people and I can cater to people with 500 people.”
The Ice Cream Man wanted everyone to know that having faith in God, to pull you out of a difficult spot, is extremely important. He told us that, after he had his accident, everything fell into place because “God has a way of doing that.”
And he finished our interview by letting us know that he wanted people to embrace their talents. “Everybody does different things,” he said. “Some people are good at this and some people are good at that.  “But, no matter what you do, always give it your best.”

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