History in Pictures

By Trishna Buch

We recently had someone drop by and give us some historical pictures of Texas City. We were looking through the pictures and had trouble identifying some of them. We believed they could have been taken on 6th Street, but we weren’t sure.

So now, we are calling on all of you to help us out! Please take a look at the pictures that accompany this story. Do you recognize any of them? Can you let us know the area that is pictured? Do you have any memories of the area from back in the day? If so, please send us your responses, stories and pictures to editorial@thepostnewspaper.net! Or feel free to stop by and talk to us! This paper is all about YOU, and we want to hear your stories. Especially for me—a 24-year-old who only moved to the area six years ago—I’d love to hear what life was like in Texas City, before I moved here and before I was born.

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