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Who You Gonna Call?


I love gritty dramas – “Homicide”, “The Wire”, and when I met Tom Munoz and Bryan Rivera I could almost hear the “Chink, Chink” of Law and Order in the background. These are two very serious guys with very serious jobs. Responsible for the safety and well-being of over 46,000 is no small order and believe me we are extremely fortunate to have Tom and Bryan looking out for us.
After years with the Coast Guard as well as 20 plus years with the Houston Fire Department, Tom is accustomed to leading where others would dare not even go! He witnessed Katrina from the water as Commander of a vessel during his stint in the Coast Guard which gives him a unique insight into the importance a population being well informed, well prepared, and ready for any occurrence. Their Together Against the Weather Hurricane Helper program stresses the importance of knowing your neighbors and having a plan to help one another should disaster strike. “This is a great town with a strong sense of Community so a program like this has a shot at being very successful.”
Over and over again, Tom stresses that what brought him to Texas City, what keeps him here and what allows him to be effective in his role at Emergency Management Director is “the Mayor”. He speaks highly of his coworkers as well and when I asked him how our little town is able to attract and keep so much talent…his answer? “The Mayor.”
Bryan is a hometown boy and worked at the dispatch emergency line for nine years, fielding every kind of emergency call imaginable. “to be effective I have to keep a cool head. There is no time to freak out, or get upset. You must listen carefully and respond correctly to be effective in that position. It has helped to prepare me for the role I play as a support person for Tom. He is such a strong mentor. By allowing me to share my thoughts and ideas, and help me work through how valid they are has served to strengthen my critical thinking as well as my ability to do this job and do it well.”
“Bryan tends to downplay his importance. His knowledge and understanding of this community and how it ticks is invaluable and it is something I could never learn in the short time I have been here. So, we learn from each other, we support each other.” Having studied Executive Leadership Managment at Notre Dame, Tom’s philosophy of leadership seems much more like guidance and empowerment. He strikes one as being inspirational for those who are fortunate enough to work with him. A deeply religious man, he guided by those principals and compassion seems to be his guiding light. As he talks about “Gap Analyses” and current technologies, it is clear that he knows his business. With a Masters in Emergency Management, Tom is more than qualified for the position. But what makes this team a powerhouse is their camaraderie; their shared vision and mutual respect shine through everything they do. They are strong, smart men with hearts of gold. And that, my friends, is a Godsend when disaster strikes.

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