Day: August 7, 2017

“We Have This Hope as an Anchor for the Soul, Firm and Secure”

Debbie told us that each client is provided with a crisis advocate and, if they choose, a spiritual advocate. Each advocate is responsible for guiding the parent(s) throughout their journey, and helping them make the best decisions for themselves and their children. The pregnancy service center provides prenatal and parenting education classes. And one added bonus to the classes is that taking the class allows parents to gain baby bucks—which they can use in the boutique. The center also offers classes in dealing with difficulties such as sexual abuse. “These classes are open to all members of the community, even if they are not pregnant,” Debbie told us. “For example, if someone has gone through a traumatic event at one point in their lives and now—years later—need a safe place to process it, they can do so in our classes.”

A Stingaree Gives Back

Structure, detail, discipline; these are strong traits that Officer Serenil depends on, that define her, in many ways; that allow her to be the kind of officer that a platoon welcomes and depends on; the kind of officer we should all be grateful for. As this city continues to grow; as new businesses find their way to our town; as our City Management and our Mayor’s office expand projects like the resurgence of 6th Street and breathe new life into our streets, our schools, our arts and our industry, it is young men and women like Office Serenil that will lead the way to a healthier, safer, stronger, prouder city. And for that I will have to agree with Manda’s daughter; that’s pretty cool.?

THE POST Community Calendar

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TCHS Student Attends Journalism Camp

“The most valuable part of going was not just learning skills and being critiqued, but I also wanted my students to get to know each other and hopefully bond. It’s important to have a cohesive staff so that we can hit the ground running on the first day of school,” Kunard said.

In Our Prayers

In Our Prayers is a free service offered by The Post to the Galveston County community each Sunday and records the known passing of citizens up to the previous Thursday. Mourners wishing to publish additional details of their loved one’s passing are invited to call
409-943-4265 for details.

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