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A Stingaree Gives Back



Manda Serenil says her mother prays for her every day. Most mothers do, but Manda’s mother has the knowledge that her daughter gets up every day, puts on a uniform, kisses her daughter goodbye and goes to work protecting the citizens of Texas City from harm. Since June of 2015, Manda Serenil has been a patrol officer for The Texas City Police Department.

She says she always knew that  fire or police that would be her chosen career. She is a structured individual with a desire to help others, to do something important; and besides, her daughter thinks it’s cool to have a police officer for a Mom. Manda was an overachiever in school when it came to sports…all sports. But she truly loved cross country distance running and pole vaulting which seems fitting for her chosen career to be drawn to a sport that requires focus and tenacity and one that requires precision and offers that moment of exhilaration at the end.

These days she fills her free time with her family.  She also works out and chooses Crossfit because it gives her the kind of workout one needs to relieve stress, work out the kinks and stay fit for her job as well.

With the newly structured shift rotations, officers in each platoon become really close. They work together, come to work at the same time and leave at the same time. A camaraderie and sense of family provides them with a sense of security. “You know who else is out there and it gives you confidence. You know how to read the tone of their voice and you know right away that you either need to respond or that everything is OK. You have no doubt in your mind that when you put out a call, someone is gonna be there in a snap; right there when you need them.”

Manda has a clear vision as to where she wants to go with her career. She likes the idea of being an ID Officer; to be a first responder at an actual crime scene; to gather critical details, evidence, analyze, classify and photograph physical evidence and fingerprints to identify criminals.

Structure, detail, discipline; these are strong traits that Officer Serenil depends on, that define her, in many ways; that allow her to be the kind of officer that a platoon welcomes and depends on; the kind of officer we should all be grateful for. As this city continues to grow; as new businesses find their way to our town; as our City Management and our Mayor’s office expand projects like the resurgence of 6th Street and breathe new life into our streets, our schools, our arts and our industry, it is young men and women like Office Serenil that will lead the way to a healthier, safer, stronger, prouder city. And for that I will have to agree with Manda’s daughter; that’s pretty cool.

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