Le Marais is a historic district in Paris, France. Along the aristocratic district of Paris, it hosts many outstanding buildings of historic and architectural importance. It spreads across parts of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements in Paris. Charming and romantic, hip and artsy, it is a favorite destination for anyone heading to France.

Luckily, a little closer to home, one can experience charm, romance, hip and artsy minutes away at Keith and Holly Lilley’s new restaurant, Marais. Right on the water with a super hip bar where you can swing or hop on a saddle while you enjoy exotic concoctions, look out over the Bayou and if you prefer, you can step down into the patio, and swing under a giant oak tree decorated with chandeliers. Of course, there is also a Biergarten, which I was informed is lovingly referred to as “Dickenbach” and this evening it is filled to capacity. I am quite sure Waylon and Willy and the Boys would love it here even if it is only Tuesday night.

But for us it was the beautiful dining room where you may feel you have stepped back in time to a more genteel way of dining in beautiful New Orleans. The marble bar, gigantic chandeliers both share the space with Big Ass Fans (that is the name of the company). Quirky, romantic, hip and artsy throughout, it describes the menu as well. The menu is incredible; with a nod to Bourbon Street, we started with Blue Crab beignets for the quirky, and immediately on to artsy with my order of spinach grits with the most succulent, seared scallops. Absolutely the hippest dish has got to be the seafood platter with just about anything you can imagine fried to perfection.

And when they brought my Crème Brulee, lightly dusted with powdered sugar with 

beautiful raspberries and blackberries resting on the bronze sugar crust, it was as though violins began to play and Bogie had just walked into the room. I had been transported. And most amazing of all, I had never left Dickinson! I would challenge anyone to find a more delightful dining experience anywhere in Houston. You can find more about Marais’ on their Facebook page.

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