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Which is Which?


Politics…Government…Purpose…Politics…as a journalist it has become extremely difficult to stay “above the fray” and simply report on those things happening around us that impact our day to day lives. With an election looming and national politics seeming to be otherwise distracted, it seems even more important to know who is running, what their positions are, what their qualifications may be and why they feel they can have a positive impact on us, their constituents. We have devised a few guidelines in the hope that each individual running for office will have an opportunity to speak freely on the issues of the day without discussing their opponent and his or her positions. We would ask that statements are positive, proactive and issue focused. An educated voter is a rare beast and it is indeed the job of each individual running for office to do their very best to educate rather than persuade, cajole, overstate, understate or play to the emotions of their audience.

Bill Sargent

As journalists, it is our job to remain neutral and to simply report to our readers what the candidates believe they can bring to the office for which they are running. We will not voice our opinions or comment in any way on what is said by any candidate we feature here. We hope this will provide our readers with a nonbiased, clear representation of each candidate so as to allow the reader to make his or her decision regarding each candidate.

First on the podium, is Bill Sargent, who announced his candidacy for US Congress District 14 on the 9th of August this year. Sarge immediately began our conversation with issues he feels are critical and in need of decisive action. “Three years ago, I spelled out what needs to be done to get the “Ike Dike” done. To continue to risk any down time in the Houston Channel is risking an economic disaster. I want to get to work and get it funded and built.”

Sarge is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and as a retired Veteran he fully supports increased funding for our military. Securing our borders is imperative in his opinion and yet he feels that listening to the Border Patrol as to what tactics would work best is the smart move. His position on immigration reform includes not only deporting the criminal element but holding American businesses that hire immigrants thereby creating a magnet which will lure them to cross illegally. He also supports a guest worker program, acknowledging that there is a need to be met but it must be met within the confines of our laws.

Red Snapper Fishing is a vital part of his platform. Accurate data gathering, allowing the five Gulf States to manage the fisheries, setting reasonable bagging and/or catch limitations and reexamining the length of the fishing season, are all issues Sarge wants to address and move forward on. To learn more about the positions mentioned here and to learn about Sarge’s many years working in legislation for the epartment of Congress as well as both Congressmen and a Senator a well as spending time in Austin, please visit his website at

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