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THE BOOK AND NETFLIX SERIES “13 Reasons Why” looks at the subject of teenage suicide through the eyes of one young girl who leaves 13 tapes explaining why she took this action. All 13 reasons were the acts that people in her life took, which led the girl to make this final and unchangeable decision. This led Mae Francis, president of Lookin’ Up Consulting, to create a list in response to the book entitled “13 Reasons To Live.” We found Lookin’

Up Consulting at the Children’s Health and Safety Fair this last weekend at the Doyle Center. They are a training and development company which focuses not only on building a person’s interpersonal skills, but also on building their inner skills. Francis told me that she created this company because she strongly believes that her purpose on Earth is to “enhance the lives of other people.” She told me that she got the name—Lookin’ Up—from a bible story. “In this story, Jesus fed 5000 people with two fish and five loaves of bread. And when he looked up to God, what he had in his hand became more than enough,” Francis told me. “That’s what I want to accomplish with the programs this company offers. That when a person comes in, they leave with more.” Lookin’ Up Consulting offers training programs, workshops, mentorships and speeches. These can be attended by anyone who is interested in developing their self-esteem and the inner skills—such as confidence and courage—which can help you become your best self. Along with these training programs, Francis also visits area schools and colleges, talking to students about building inner confidence and courage to help them succeed in life. The company also has two additional programs—Securely Embracing Life For It’s Expected End (SELFIE) and Accelerate. SELFIE is a summer camp which doles out positive affirmation and teaches people to embrace life at a higher level, while Accelerate is a foursession experience which explores the idea of confidence, courage, connections and credibility with its attendees. The main idea behind the list is that, our purpose on Earth is to provide for others. If we are in a position to help others, we should. But we cannot do until we take the time to pursue our purpose and find ourselves. Then we are better able to help others find their purpose. We all have a purpose on Earth and a reason for being here, and that is what the list wants everyone to know. “I want people to know that there is more to life than where they are at the time,” Francis told me. If you have any questions about Lookin’ Up Consulting, you can contact Francis at 832-528-7426. Or visit our website at

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