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Bear with me. This is being written
just after the Houston Astros
Victory Parade. By the time you
read it, it may seem like old news. But
for me, it’s just two days after the amazing
night that our Astros won Game
Seven and clinched the 2017 series.
By the end of that game, I was
exhausted. It felt like I had played
all nine innings myself. When George
Springer hit the winning run to cinch the
series title, I was beyond thrilled.
It’s more than just winning. It’s the
fact that we have a team of genuinely
classy guys who never gave up, not even
after losing three games straight to the
Yankees or missing their shot at ending
the competition with Game Six.
America needs its heroes again.
Remember when Mickey Mantle,
Sandy Koufax. Reggie Jackson and
Joe DiMaggio were playing pro baseball?
Those were great days.
Back then it wasn’t routine to see
popular athletes like them in the newspapers
for domestic abuse, drunken
driving and using drugs. Even super
stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Clark
Gable were respected. Sure,they both
got married several times, but at least
back then they DID get married.
Where did Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart,
Roy Rogers and Gene Autrey go? Who do
today’s kids have to look up to?
Now they have the Astros. While I can’t
personally vouch for each and every player,
our team members are men we can be
proud of. After winning the World Series
trophy, most of them came back from the
club house to join their families on the
field. Some of them are so young – like
Bregman – that their parents were there
to beam at their boys proudly.
In a time when politics seems to have
reached a new level of nastiness, when
prominent figures are accused of incredibly
bad behavior, we need our heroes
again. And that’s what today’s parade in
Houston was all about.
Thousands and thousands of fans
crowded the streets of downtown Houston.
They were shouting and cheering and
waving flags and signs. But no one was
pushing, shoving or acting up. There were
no racists, neo-natzis, skinheads or other
troublemakers in sight. The police presence
was definitely there, especially after
the recent terrorist attack in New York.
But HPD officers had smiles and waves
for the crowds and our victorious Astros
players. Things seemed to be going very
smoothly and peacefully. Houston Proud
was the message of the day.
The Astros aren’t just the new winners
of the World Series competition.
They are a wonderful example to
us all of cooperation, team spirit and
hometown loyalty. That’s what real winners
are all about.
Now if we could just get the team to
please put Jose Altuve down. He seems to
always be his teammates’ favorite choice
for a victory toss . . .

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