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Tre Hernandez spent fifteen plus years
on the “Street”; meaning he ran wild, sold
drugs, was in and out of prison, and, he admits,
“caused a lot of destruction in those
These days however, he is dedicated to
offering “Bait for the Street”; using his life
experiences to lure young people away
from a life of fast cars and self-destruction.
“I can talk to these kids in a way they can
understand because I lived what they’re
living and I know what they’re about.” He
does that through different means and
one of the most effective tools in his belt
is Christian Hip-Hop in partnership with a
group out of Abilene, Texas called Kingdom
“Instead of rapping about treating women
like trash, smoking dope, and fly cars,
they have lyrics like these: “ Yean we came
to spit, not for chains and chicks But for
the King of Kings we praise His name with
this And it’s just one of many ways nah we
aren’t slaves to this.”
This Saturday, from noon until 4, Tre
and his friends will be preaching, singing,
reaching out to young people as well as to
parents of young people who struggle with
how to reach out to their kids who are exposed
to street life. The truth is, until we
eliminate the reasons young people are
drawn to “the street” – poverty, homelessness,
drug abuse, absent and/or ineffective
parenting, racial bias, bullying, a lack
of education due to instability in the home,
or a lack of proper role model(s) – this pattern
will continue. Being unable to “start at
the beginning” means most of the young
people Tre works with, have parents who
have been incarcerated, are struggling
with drug addiction, and often grew up
with the same influences as their children.
Being able to reach this generation so
that they will be able to be a proper role
model for their own children and guide
them away from the “street” and toward a
life of purpose, is as close to “the beginning”
as we can get.
Understanding and supporting the efforts
of people like Tre and organizations
like Blessed Life Ministry & Kingdom
Muzic, is just one part of positively impacting
a very complex, very large and
very destructive reality. You have to get a
kid’s attention and then you have to keep
it in order to have any chance of pulling
them away from a life of drugs, crime an
self-destruction. This is a problem most
of us would like to ignore, until it shows
up at our doorstep. The truth is, any child
facing poverty, a missing parent or parents,
bullying, or any of the challenges
our youth face today, is vulnerable. If
you or someone you know is in need of
guidance you can reach Tre via email at: If you
did not receive this issue in time to attend
the block celebration, you can follow
them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.
com/kingdomawakening. For booking
inquiries please email dapark38@ or call/text 702-300-6781.

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