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Following in her father’s footsteps, D.D. Haney seems to
have been one of those “meant to be” kind of things. Not
one to step on toes, Dee Ann waited for an opportune
moment to run for office and has been serving Texas City
since 2004. It is something she truly enjoys & feels enriched
by. She is a proponent of code enforcement and would like
to see more resources pointed toward this program. She
feels strongly that additional resources will only reinforce
community pride and eliminate those problems that come
from either ignorance of the codes or lack of enforcement.
Public Safety is another focus for Dee Ann, especially the
growth westward would benefit from both a police and fire
substation perhaps a shared facility – would facilitate the
increased number of calls and the ever enlarging distance,
puts an added burden on EMS, fire and police to provide the
services our community currently receives, and deserves to
continue to receive, it is, in her mind , important to act soon.
For ten years Commissioner Haney has been on the
Planning Board and the Land Use Plan is basically the
vision for the growth of the city and is responsible for zoning.
She feels strongly that listening to the concerns of the
citizens is vital to growing the city in a way that does not
devalue property and enhances the beauty of the city at the
same time.
The most important aspect of the Commissioner’s vision
is the importance of sharing ideas, finding ways to work
together, maintaining some form of continuity, having
people in place that enjoy serving the community, that are
active members of the community. She believes Texas City
has been blessed with fiscally responsible civil servants
who want to see our city to continue to grow. She worries
that so few of our citizens go to the polls and vote and she
would like to see more ways of informing and educating our
young people to inspire them to vote and become involved
in local government.
Aside from her service to the city, there is the Dee Ann
Haney career that spans over 30 years of safety in every
aspect of the word. Asking for her resume was an education
in and of itself. Thinking it would simplify understanding her
career background was naïve. The expanse of her experience
in her chosen field is daunting and quite impressive.
We have included it in miniature just to show the breadth of
her commitment to her city, her career, her ongoing growth
and service to others. You can see her resume in miniature
Haney is currently running for City Commissioner for
Texas City.
Mayor and City Commissioners in 1978
From left to right: Lynn Ellison, Chuck Doyle, Dick Wiley,
Mayor Emmett Lowry (seated), Ted Dudley, Thomas Carter,
D.D. Haney

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