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By Allison Eastepp
Senior Daniela Betancourt will be attending Harvard University this fall after her receiving her acceptance to the class of 2022. Betancourt
is a first generation college student born to immigrant parents and is one of the top students in her graduating class. Despite her accomplishments, Harvard was the only Ivy League school she applied to. “I applied being sure that I wouldn’t get it, but I just wanted
the experience,” Betancourt said. “I knew that there was an interview process, so I wanted the chance to meet with Harvard alumni because
my plan was to attend an Ivy League grad school.” As a first generation college student, Betancourt says the application process was at times confusing. But Betancourt believes that her it was her honesty that landed her a spot in the Harvard 2022 class. “I think for my essays, I kind of was just being myself,” Betancourt. “So that part was not as nerve-wracking because I knew I had low chances so I decided to be myself and write, not informally, but thoughtfully. I feel like a lot of competitive students are so sure they’ll get in, so they don’t convey their stories, they just convey their achievements.” Betancourt says that 30 minutes before receiving her acceptance, she got a phone call from an admissions counselor thanking her for applying. Betancourt, a selfproclaimed realist, believed that it was simply a courtesy call. Even
after receiving the email containing her acceptance letter, she was in disbelief. “I thought maybe not a lot of people applied, so she [was] just thanking me for applying and I didn’t take it as anything,” Betancourt said. “And then 30 minutes later I received the email and I told my mom first because she was right next to me. I said ‘Mom, I think I actually got in.’ And then the first thing I did was I searched for schools named Harvard to see if I applied to the right one. It was a shock until that night. I researched those likely letters and early
notifications further.” Betancourt will be majoring in Political Science with a concentration in government and social studies and a secondary in ethnicity and migration studies. Betancourt hopes she can serve as a role model for future students. “I really want to have a voice on campus and I want to show Harvard what minorities are made of,” Betancourt said. “And I want to be prepared for an Ivy League
grad school. I will be showing children from Texas City and other underclassmen from this area that it is possible to achieve something that you might think is really far away, and I truly believe that the sky is the limit.” Editor note: (This story was originally published in the Texas City High School newspaper).

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