Living on purpose with William Holland

Through the winter months, I had been thinking about how I was going to tackle the huge project of replacing our privacy fence in the spring. I have built this type of fence before and those of you that are familiar with this, will understand when I say it is very hard work, especially when you are doing it by yourself. Digging post-holes are not for the faint of heart – ha! I retired in 2014 and have not really been involved with strenuous activity for a while, so when I started tearing down the old fence, I knew the first day this was going to be rough. Yes, there were days I thought about calling a fence company to take over, but to be honest, as I kept going, the better I started to feel. I would start early trying to come up with a game plan for the day, drinking coffee as I contemplated. The weather was cool and it was very peaceful listening to the breeze flowing through the trees and the birds in all their glorious and enthusiastic singing seemed to be encouraging me to keep pressing forward. I finally finished the other day and I am very grateful to be able to mark that from my list and now I can move on to other projects I need to accomplish.
When I was growing up, my dad was a custom home-builder and he taught me a lot about construction. He passed away last year and my mom gave me some boxes of tools that he had saved from the past and I put them in my shop. The other day I was looking for a drill bit and noticed dads old set of bits and as I opened that old familiar yellow plastic box, I remembered the good times we spent working together. The flood of emotions took me by surprise and I just sat down and allowed the memories to roll like I was watching an old movie. My dad was very talented and I was always amazed at his strength and what he could do when it came to building things. He was creative and had an ability to problem solve and was not afraid of hard work. He was respected for his high level of expertise and was definitely a true craftsman.
As I thought about how much I miss him, I was reminded that one day I will see him again. It seems I never really considered how precious my time was with him but now I think what a blessing it would be to hear his voice again. I am sure you feel the same way about your loved ones and how we have a tendency to take for granted they will always be there. We have a small plaque in our house that I walk past everyday which says, “You will never be forgotten although we are far apart – your memories live within me forever in my heart” and how true this is. We have a brief opportunity on this earth to spend time with each other and hopefully to also get to know God, as the Bible declares that for those who are born-again in Christ, death is not the end – but actually the beginning. This gift of eternal life is the best news that has ever been given!
John chapter 14 says, “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there you may be also.” May you be comforted to know there is a heaven where you can live with God forever and be with your loves ones again. “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things will pass away” Revelation 21:4.
Kentucky resident William Holland is an outreach minister, chaplain and author who has his own Christian website,, and sets out each week to find thought-provoking messages of inspiration, hope and encouragement for our readers

Finding Good in the Face of Change by Frances Durriseau

I have recently relocated and moved into a new place. It was quite the undertaking, but I’m happy to say I survived it, mostly intact. I have a few bumps and bruises, a bad case of sciatica that has reared its ugly head after being quiet for a long time, and I have some sore muscles that I am dealing with still, but I’m happy with the fact that I have a place to come home to. I am thankful for the ability that I have to feel, even the things that are painful. I am thankful that I have the emotions that I do, and that I can experience love, happiness, joy, sadness, pain, compassion, faith, excitement, and even fear because it all serves a purpose in my life, and it all plays a part into making me who I am. I am thankful for forgiveness, the ability to give it and receive it, because without it, I would be lost, miserable, hopeless, helpless, and endlessly sad. Thankfulness and forgiveness are two of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. They remind us of our humanity. They teach us to stretch our faith and our hope in self and in others and teach us about mercy and grace. They renew our spirits and our hearts. I am very thankful, that in the face of change, which is never easy for me, I can find the good. I’ve always wanted to live beach-side once again, and because change was forced upon me, I get to do that. Stay thankful, my friends, even when it appears that what you are going through is difficult. You might just be led to someplace with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, balmy sea-breezes, and awesomely messy hair!

In loving memory is a free service offered by The Post to the Galveston County community   Sunday and records the known passing of citizens up to the previous Thursday. Mourners wishing to publish additional details of their loved one’s passing are invited to call 409-943-4265 for details.

February 2
Albert Miles Elder
Born February 22, 1934

May 6
Margaret Diane Myles
Born May 13, 1958

May 8
Grace Marie Pawlowski
Born November 11, 1931

May 9
Mildred Beachley
Died at age 90

May 10
Cora Ann Glazner Anderson
Born September 11, 1921
Mercedes Hubbell Britt
Born January 8, 1926
Gracie Clara Reese
Born November 17, 1922

May 11
Stacey Marie Bryan
Died at age 51
Jessie Mae Daly
Born June 8, 1926
Karen Marie Frank
Died at age 59
Marguerite Jules Lamb
Born April 16, 1930
Vincent Douglas Richardson
Died at age 43
Robert Lee Stager
Born June 12, 1923

May 12
Jimmy English
Born December 31, 1950
John Benjamin Moore
Died at age 48
May 14
John William Burns
Born August 3, 1935
Ronald William Cook
Age not advised
Johnny Manuel Martinez
Born July 5, 1950
Sandra Mikowski
Age not advised
Margaret Louise Wetzel
Born July 9, 1932

May 15
Barbara Nell Chambless
Born October 10, 1927
Gordyn Samuel Kirschner
Born October 8, 1930
O’Lena Jones Perkins
Born August 15, 1936

May 16
Ruth Kammer
Born August 24, 1936
George Thomas Moser
Born October 16, 1957

By guest writer RL Calhoun

I have never met a person who said: “I don’t want to be happy. I just want to be miserable all the time.” Yet, it is all too obvious that real happiness is missing in the lives of most people. It’s like an elusive butterfly. They know it’s there but they simply cannot take hold of it. Happiness continually eludes their grasp.
The apostle Paul wrote a letter we Christians know as the book of Philippians, which has been called appropriately The Epistle Of Joy. In its fourth chapter, Paul listed the key ingredients of a prescription for happy living for every child of God.
In Paul’s words, the first key ingredient is this: “Rejoice in the Lord always. Again, I will say, rejoice!”
Now there might be things in your life in which you simply can’t rejoice right now. Perhaps you are enduring an affliction or dealing with a problem and it’s a big one. Let’s never forget that God didn’t promise us a rose garden.
In fact, at John 16:33, Jesus said to his first disciples and to all of us who know Him as Lord and Savior: “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world”.
One thing we can always do no matter what is taking place in our lives is to rejoice in the Lord and to keep on rejoicing in Him. We can continually rejoice in who He is and what He means to our lives and, when we do, we are going to banish doom and gloom and happiness is going to burst forth upon us.
At Philipians 4:5, we learn that Paul’s second key ingredient is: “Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.”
Who do you think is the happier person? Someone who’s in a dither, ready to explode at any moment? Or is it the individual who is gentle, the person who rolls with the punches and is not always in a standby attack mode ready to strike out at someone else?
The answer is obvious. Gentle people just get along better in life than their overwrought counterparts.
When Paul wrote “The Lord is at hand”, I believe he wanted us to understand two facts. First, the Lord sees how we act. He knows when we are gentle and when we are not.
When we are not Christlike, we grieve the Holy Spirit and that stifles the flow of His power in our lives. And, without the power of the Holy Spirit, we cannot minister effectively.
Then again, there is an extremely positive fact that we need to understand by the words “The Lord is at hand”. The Lord never requires us to do what He does not enable us to do. He is at hand in our lives to produce gentleness within us through the work of the Holy Spirit.
The third key ingredient in A Prescription For Happy Living is found in verses 4:6 and 4:7. Paul wrote: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ”.
Too often, it is worry that destroys happiness in the lives of Christians. As has been well said, “Worry doesn’t take the trouble out of tomorrow; it steals the happiness from today”. What the Lord wants us all to realize is that, if something is big enough to worry about, it’s big enough to pray about.
When we are up against some seemingly impossible obstacle that is robbing us of joy and happiness, we are to move immediately into the arena of prayer. With thanksgiving in our hearts, we are to declare: “Lord, I praise You that I am an overcomer. I refuse to allow unbelief to reside in my heart.
“I stand on the truth that, with God, nothing is impossible. I cast off worry and I put on trust. I believe your word that says to me that I am always triumphant in Christ.”
When we stand strong in prayer and reject worry, the Lord promises to throw up a garrison of his peace around our lives and, where there is peace, there will be happiness!

RL Calhoun is pastor of New Life Fellowship church in Texas City.


From time to time I have visited 6th Street but now that I am a working resident, I am finding that this is not unlike 6th Street in Austin in that it is full of hidden treasures! This particular Saturday, I visited my new next door neighbor, Blessings and Bargains, a wonderful store full of marvelous things donated by residents to support the good work these wonderful people do! Among other things, I found an almost new drum set for only $175, a beautiful pewter lamp and mirror for around $60, it took some genuine restraint not to take them home with me, and some wonderful paintings, crystal, books, and so much more!
Blessings and Bargains is a Texas City resale offering some of the best deals in town. A clean, comfortable and welcoming store, B-n-B recently expanded: in addition to clothing for the whole family, they now handle several new lines of merchandise including furniture, housewares, electronics, gardening and artwork.
While the store is open to the public and is a favorite shopping location for many bargain hunters, it is a very special blessing to Pregnancy Center clients. Participating in their Earn –As-You-Learn program, clients can buy anything needed for their house hold and any family member using “Baby Bucks”. For the first 30 days after baby furniture is donated to the store “Baby Bucks” holders are given first priority, after which the furniture is open for the general public to purchase.
In addition to the aforementioned items for sale, B-n-B also has a variety of collectibles, linens, office furniture and glassware for sale and profits from these sales helps purchase products such as diapers and formula for the babies in the Pregnancy Center. The store also works with social service agencies and churches to
clothe people who have been affected by floods, fires and other emergencies.
What a wonderful way to pick up a bargain and know that your money is helping young mothers! I left with an armful of goodies and I would strongly suggest you take a little trip down to 6th Street and see what treasures are waiting for you!
Did you know that when you leave donations at most of the “Drop Boxes” located around town and at Shopping Centers, your donations never reach people in need? Clothing and shoes are literally recycled and sold by the pound to companies that turn them into rags. If you leave other items such as toys and housewares at these drop boxes they are simply taken to the dump. B-n-B would love to offer tax-deductible receipts for donations that are desperately needed by the families the store serves.
Next time you are cleaning out your closets or garage, consider bringing your unneeded items to B-n-B.
It’s OK if items are old, and even a bit worn, but donations should be clean, in usable condition because the store does not have the ability or the manpower to repair broken items.
B-n-B is also a great place to send all those “gifts” you receive but have no plans to use! From clothing and toiletries to gadgets and appliances, the unused items that clutter your home can be a wonderful blessing to families in need, and to the store’s program.
B-n-B is a place where a mom is able to outfit her child for the entire school year for under $20.00. Our used clothing prices generally range from 25 cents to $3.00. Your donations help Galveston County families who could not otherwise afford adequate clothing.
And B-n-B is currently looking for some extra help. The store is asking for someone to spend three to five hours per week assisting with window displays, merchandise displays and mannequin dressing. They are also looking for someone to spend three to five hours per week sorting donations and rotating store merchandise, and are asking for someone to spend one morning or afternoon a month, picking up donations for the store. For more information call 409-771-9511.
Please let your family, friends and co-workers know about B –n- B and, should you ever find yourself in Texas City, be sure to visit the store located at 507 6th Street North in Texas City. The store is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 5:00pm.