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In Our Prayers

In Our Prayers is a free service offered by The Post to the Galveston County community each Sunday and records the known passing of citizens up to the previous Thursday. Mourners wishing to publish additional details of their loved one’s passing are invited to call

The Importance/Relevance Of Cursive Writing

I’d like you all to take a trip back down memory lane. Did any of you learn cursive writing in schools? Do you remember the first time you were introduced to this handwriting style? I do. It was in the third grade and I remember the feeling of excitement that engulfed me when I realized that I would learn the “pretty” and “professional-looking” handwriting I had seen my parents, relatives and older friends use. I remember that learning how to write in cursive was very similar to a young child learning how to write for the first time. We were taught a few letters each day and, in order to practice, we were given those infamous lined pages and had to make sure our letters matched the ones that were provided in the sample. After a few weeks of learning and practice, our teachers insisted that we wrote only in cursive. In fact, some of my teachers were so strict that—if we wrote in print—we had points taken off our work.

Faith is the Key to your Success

By Terry Melancon Every person living has what they believe to be the key to living a successful life. We have taken advice from leaders of the past to leaders of today. We look to those which we see and…

August last month to prune, fertilize many plants

By William H. Johnson August is a month when gardeners should think about two important aspects of landscape maintenance—fertilizing and pruning. August is the last month in the summer growing season to fertilize hardy shrubs and ground covers in the…

Great Books to Get Kids Excited for School

Source: StatePoint As kids head back to school, you can help put them in a learning mindset by beefing up your home library. Here are a few new books to consider that can make learning fun, as well as support…

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