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August last month to prune, fertilize many plants

By William H. Johnson August is a month when gardeners should think about two important aspects of landscape maintenance—fertilizing and pruning. August is the last month in the summer growing season to fertilize hardy shrubs and ground covers in the…

Weeds in the Landscape and Garden

Just one plant can produce thousands of seeds. Chamberbitter has rapidly spread across many southern states by nurseries transporting potted nursery plants. This is another reason for inspecting plants purchased at retail nurseries for any weed infestations.

Gardening Checklist for August

The Dog Days of August have arrived. Daytime temperatures have already danced around the century mark during the last week of July so there is no need to remind you that August is the peak of the heat season in Galveston County. I am looking forward to experiencing the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21. It will be a partial solar eclipse in our viewing area so it will not likely provide any discernable change in temperature when it occurs. So, working outside this month will be more tolerable throughout the month during early morning or late evening hours.


Have you ever had a landscape tree die, even though it was properly planted, fertilized and watered? If so, you would be in the company of many homeowners who were well-meaning in their actions but unknowingly played an adversarial role…

Shade Trees Help Cool Landscapes

Most of us know energy bills soar right along with the temperatures. But shade trees in the landscape can help us keep cooler while lowering utility bills. . . . .

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