Inspirations by Frances Durisseau

When we go through a major life-altering change such as the passing of a loved one or spouse, it can leave us feeling lost for quite some time. We might question our purpose in life and often we feel quite broken – once we were planning for what we thought was our future and now those plans have changed so drastically. But the truth is that the purpose of our lives, the reason we have been created and placed on this planet, has not changed.
If you are feeling broken, lost or confused, I want to share my hope with you. Today, in all your brokenness, imagine doing something so powerful, so significant, that it would be worthy of being shared in front of all who are observing you. By choosing to be a hopeful survivor, you are participating in the greater plan for your life.
Every day that you choose to hope and have faith for your future, you are doing something that is truly worthy, powerful and significant. Every single day that you get up and keep going, you are building a bridge into your future. Underneath all of your pain, you will find there is a lesson. Beneath all the devastating heartbreak and sorrow there is hope, even if it is just a glimmer. When you dig beneath all of the struggle, there is courage.
We find we are in the proverbial refiner’s fire and, when we come through it, we have a better grasp of what is truly important, so we can encourage others to have a more precise focus as they gaze down their own road and build their bridge of hope. We persevere. We become strong. We mend the broken places, so that we can help others through the same fiery trials.
It all results in making us more mature and complete as we face and build a new today and a better tomorrow. If that is our only purpose, we are growing into the best possible person we can be.

            Frances Durisseau

Inspirations by Frances Durisseau

A wise but anonymous person once wrote: “Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind”.
Sometimes, unknown authors are some of my most favorites. They might be unknown by name but they surely were not unknown to those who sat and walked beside them, absorbing their wisdom into their souls. It is so easy to let things fly out of our mouths without thinking about the damage or consequences that they might cause to the listener, isn’t it? I have scars inside me that have taken years to heal because of the careless words of others.
Oh but the beautiful garden of kindness and love that has grown in my heart thanks to folks who have planted a piece of their heart into mine by sharing their words of love, kindness, encouragement, care and thoughtfulness! When I am feeling down, I can walk in that garden and glean from its beauty and fragrance left behind by the known people who have taken the time to plant that goodness inside me. It can lift my spirits and give me courage, wisdom and strength when I need it the most.
Some of those people might have felt like “unknowns” at times in their lives, as we all do. But, in my heart, they will always be known as those who cared and shared a part of themselves with me when I needed it most. We truly are never unknown because someone, somewhere, cares enough to leave their footprint on our hearts. Thank you to all the “unknowns” who give people a bit of their hearts instead of a piece of their minds. You have made our world a more beautiful place and we are all the better for it.
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Inspirations by Frances Durrisseau

I  came across a quote in a meme on social networking that I love. I do not know to whom I should give credit for the thought or ownership but it said: “All who wander are not lost”. I have been lost and wandering in the wilderness of life on many occasions, which led to many times of wondering about many things, mostly that begin with the words why, who, what, where ,when and how.
Why was I led into the wilderness? Who was really with
me in my tear-soaked-fear and anxiety-filled journey? What was my purpose there and what would come from it and, when it came, would it be something good? Where was this journey into the wilderness leading me? When would it end and a breakthrough come, how was it going to happen and would I recover from it, grow from it, or even survive it?
I have survived all the imposed wilderness wanderings in
my life. I am learning to take on a bit of wandering just for the thrill of it at times and finding that those wanderings can leave a positive impression in my life. I have found that even those unexpected and scary wanderings that I’ve had to undertake all really did have some good in them, even though it took
me some time to see it.
Wandering and wondering have had their purpose in my life. I might have actually been found, not lost, after all.
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Inspirations by Frances Durisseau

I love all things concerning nature, especially in the animal kingdom. I was recently happy to discover an online site that has live-cam views of both flora and fauna. As one of my favorite birds is one we see locally, I was intrigued to find a live-cam view of the species from a spot in Florida where a flock was nesting. The beautiful white and pink spoonbills were glorious to watch and their nesting area was being guarded and protected by an unusual group of “friends” – mean, big, ugly alligators.
The alligators were keeping the nesting spoonbills safe from other predators. Who would have thought? It reminded me that, sometimes, we need to open ourselves to welcoming friends who are very different from ourselves. We have a tendency to “stick with our own kind”, don’t we?
There is nothing wrong with that approach in life. It’s natural to be comfortable with those who are similar to you but are you overlooking people in your life who might have been sent to you to expand your world in unknown ways? Do you think they are too old, too young, too rich, too poor, too tattooed or pierced, too heavy, too loud or quiet, too smart or too dumb, or too “whatever” that is too different from you?
If so, you might be missing out on someone who is being sent to help you grow, to encourage you to expand your “natural” horizons, or who might have even been sent to help protect you in some way, all because they are too different. If I were you, I would be more like our beautiful spoonbills and let the alligators in your life come in and do their job. It might be exactly what and who you need for such a time as this!
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Inspirations by Francis Durisseau

There is a feature on a social networking site that allows you to see the posts that you made on the same date in previous years. I enjoy looking back and having my memory engaged with what I was doing, thinking or saying on those days. Sometimes I remember it very clearly and those events come to settle in once again and it’s like being embraced and covered by a warm and cozy blanket for a few moments.
Here is what I saw on a recent memory discovery: “It’s Saturday, I’m alive and well. I’ve got the love of my life beside me. I have the most awesome and incredible kids and grand kids in the entire universe. No, life isn’t perfect and it never will be because we live in an imperfect world. But what I have right now, and this right now, is wonderful!”
That was six years ago and I can recall everything about the moments that triggered my feelings. Little did I know that four years later I would lose the love of my life, and here I am six years later holding only memories and photographs of those days.
Please take the time to take a realistic and poignant look around you right now. If things aren’t feeling exactly like you want, do your best to take the time, to make the time, to make them as good as you possibly can. If, like me, you look around like I did six short years ago and feel like life is the most wonderful it could be, make the most of that as well. One day, it will all be just a memory of a moment in time.
I want you to feel the embrace of your memories like that warm and cozy blanket coming in to settle on your heart and mind, with no regrets clouding those feelings. My life has never been perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I am so very, very thankful for the perfect moments that have made it and continue to make it so wonderful!
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