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Faith is the Key to your Success

By Terry Melancon Every person living has what they believe to be the key to living a successful life. We have taken advice from leaders of the past to leaders of today. We look to those which we see and…

What Do People Say About You?

If we live according to the opinions of others, we’ll find ourselves on a roller coaster ride. We’ll struggle each and every day; life was designed by God to be enjoyed. Living life based upon what others think about us often causes failure. In Proverbs 16:7, it states when a man’s ways please the Lord, He (God) makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. Yes it is good when people think well of you or they esteem you highly and it should be because of your character.

Saturday Mornings on Winnie St.

The parking lot is full. There are people there that you can tell have been on the streets for years and there are those who are quite obviously new to this life. They look sort of stunned and nervous and I see that those who know their way around come to them and take them under their wing. There are elderly people, people on crutches and in tattered wheelchairs. There are mothers with their children; some have brought their children to help serve, others are there to receive.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Fear has taken this nation by storm and caused many other nations to be fearful as well. Terrible things are happening all over the world and none has taken Jehovah by surprise. It’s as if fear has become the norm in society; everywhere you turn, people are afraid of this happening or that happening, my God, has it come down to this?

Living in the awareness of God’s presence

There is a touching story found in John chapter 12 about . . .

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