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Saturday Mornings on Winnie St.

The parking lot is full. There are people there that you can tell have been on the streets for years and there are those who are quite obviously new to this life. They look sort of stunned and nervous and I see that those who know their way around come to them and take them under their wing. There are elderly people, people on crutches and in tattered wheelchairs. There are mothers with their children; some have brought their children to help serve, others are there to receive.

UHCL Friday Morning Program to Offer Yoga

“If people would like to just come and learn about yoga, I’m glad to have them, but I’m also giving people the option to participate in some research I’m doing. This class is a bit of a pilot program as well,” said Strait, who is also director of UHCL’s Psychological Services Clinic.

The Times Are Changing

Inspirations by Frances Durisseau

Gehan Homes & EXIT Ford Realty Host Tech Tools for REALTORS®, a Real Talk Seminar

Gehan Homes is consistently recognized for exceptional design, with awards that include the 2010 Texas Association of Builders STAR Award for Volume Builder of the Year, 2013 PRISM Award for Best Product Design, and five 2016 STAR Awards, to name a few.  

What Are You Afraid Of?

Fear has taken this nation by storm and caused many other nations to be fearful as well. Terrible things are happening all over the world and none has taken Jehovah by surprise. It’s as if fear has become the norm in society; everywhere you turn, people are afraid of this happening or that happening, my God, has it come down to this?

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