AFTER today’s previously mentioned Christmas parades in La Marque and Hitchcock and College Of The Mainland’s jazz ensemble concert, there are a couple of days to recuperate before the weekend.
As we mentioned on November 27, Saturday is a day to honor some of your fellow county residents. Starting at 5:30pm, there’s a citizens appreciation dinner at Tyra Ranch in Santa Fe. The event is sponsored by constable Jimmy Fullen of precinct four, county commissioner Joe Giusti of precinct two and county sheriff Henry Trochesset.
As we first told you on November 23, Kemah city is holding a Christmas boat parade on Saturday. Starting at 6:00pm, a fleet of boats decorated with bright lights will travel along the Clear Lake channel from South Shore Harbor marina and Nassau Bay lagoon to Galveston Bay. For $95, you can enter your boat in the parade as long as you register beforehand. On-day registration is $125.
On Sunday, Galveston College Community Chorale will be holding a holiday concert at Moody Methodist church on 53rd Street in Galveston. The performance of holiday favorites begins at 7:00pm.

Christmas parade
WHO: Dickinson Rotary Club
WHAT: Yuletide celebration
WHEN: December 8, 6:30pm
WHERE: From Shrine Of The True Cross church, 300 FM 517 East to city hall, 4403 Highway 3, Dickinson
CONTACT: Tim Cromie, 281-337-6359

Choral concert
WHO: Galveston College Community Chorale
WHAT: Annual show featuring holiday favorites
WHEN: December 11, 7:00pm
WHERE: Moody Methodist church, 2803 53rd Street, Galveston
CONTACT: Joe Huff, 409-944-1302

Grand reopening
WHO: Fairfield Inn & Suites
WHAT: Luncheon, ribbon cutting and site tour
WHEN: December 13, 11:30am-1:00pm
WHERE: Fairfield Inn, 10700 Emmett Lowry Expressway, Texas City
CONTACT: 409-986-3866

Cookies And Milk With Santa
WHO: Coffee Connection
WHAT: A snack and a story with Santa
WHEN: December 17, 4:00pm and 5:30pm
WHERE: Coffee Connection, 9300 Emmett Lowry Expressway, Texas City
CONTACT: 409-229-1355

Winter Weather Paddling
WHO: Galveston Island State Park
WHAT: A trip on Galveston Bay
WHEN: December 31, January 1, 10:00am-12:00pm
WHERE: Galveston Island State Park, 14901 FM 3005, Galveston
HOW MUCH: Park entry fee
CONTACT: Lisa Reznicek, 409-737-1222,

Magical masquerade ball
WHO: Texas City-La Marque chamber of commerce
WHAT: Elegant new-year extravaganza
WHEN: January 26
WHERE: Doyle Convention Center, 2010 Fifth Avenue North, Texas City
HOW MUCH: Not yet announced
CONTACT: 409-935-1408

Inspirations by Frances Durisseau

Holiday seasons can leave us feeling as if we are spinning out of control. They can bring up as many bad feelings as good. We want to feel excitement, joy and eager anticipation, yet we are often left feeling scared, miserable and, for some, very lonely.
If you’re feeling frightened about what lies ahead, don’t be. Try instead to embrace the uncertainty. Encourage yourself to face what is coming. Be brave as it challenges you to exercise both your heart and your mind as you create your own path toward your happiness and contentment.
Don’t allow your negative thoughts and fears to take control. Dream of what you can do to make the days flow in a more positive fashion. Enjoy the present, each moment, as it comes because you’ll never get another one quite like it. And, if you should ever look up and find yourself lost, simply take a breath and start things over once again.
Step back and go to the purest place in your heart, where your faith and your hope abide. It is there that you will find your strength to continue on in peace and in the love and joy of the holiday season.
Contact Frances by e-mail at

Living on purpose with William Holland

Every year at Christmas time, it’s common to see bell ringers all over town standing at the red kettles of the Salvation Army. Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with the Army’s Major Randall Davis to learn more about the goals of the organization. He said there is a standard operating policy that applies to every community pertaining to donations and distribution.
All contributions received within a county remain in that same community to be used for needs such as food pantries, clothing, youth camps, serving meals, nursing-home visitation, emergency financial assistance, holiday food boxes and toys.
Giving is not limited to financial gifts; anyone who would like to roll up their sleeves and lend a hand is also much appreciated. The Army’s mission statement, which emphasizes the great commission of Matthew 28:16-20, reads: “Our Christian message is based on the Bible; our ministry is motivated by the love of God and our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to help those in need without discrimination in the name of the Lord.”
It is no secret that top executives of well-known charitable organizations make staggering salaries; however, the Salvation Army commander – who, by the way, manages a $2 billion per year ministry – makes a very modest annual income of less than $20,000.
While some charities are left with only pennies on the dollar after salaries and expenses, the Salvation Army gives an amazing 93 cents of every donated dollar to help people in need and its members are actively involved with trying to help the poor in 121 countries around the world.
The Salvation Army’s main office is in London, England, where it was founded in 1865 by William and Catherine Booth. In the beginning, these enthusiastic missionaries faced harsh opposition because, as they preached the gospel on street corners, folks who were going in and out of the nearby bars were being spiritually transformed by the power of God.
By publicly presenting the message of grace through faith, God’s word was having a positive influence on those who needed deliverance from sin while having a negative impact on the lucrative businesses that sold alcohol and all the other forms of carnality.
Davis says that, throughout the years, there have been many devoted Christians who have embraced the Army’s battle cry “Heart to God and hand to man” and he testifies how this has been the driving force of his own personal vision and faith for more than 50 years.
While dedicated to intervening on behalf of the unfortunate, his ultimate goal has remained the same and that is to lead men and women into a personal relationship with God.
Wealth is not the answer to all of our problems, as there are treasures in our poverty if we know where to look and how to see. It’s much easier to toss in a few dollars and go our merry way without seriously thinking or praying for those who are desperately in need.
Even though giving is admirable and associated with caring, it’s the spiritual love and compassion we have for one another that is much more valuable than our contributions.
When we have taken care of our basic needs, this bond of trust, which was the pattern that Jesus used in his earthly ministry, can develop friendships and open the doors of opportunity to share about God’s plan of salvation.
The poor are always the first to be impacted whether the economy is struggling or booming and those who are insensitive will be the first to accuse people who struggle for not trying to work more but this is not always the magical solution.
There are many reasons for perpetual poverty including people with disabilities, the elderly who live on limited incomes and all the innocent children, just to name a few. The Bible does not ask us to analyze with our judgmental opinions but rather to respond with mercy, compassion and obedience.
“The generous will also be blessed because they share their food with the poor” – Proverbs 22:9.
Kentucky resident William Holland is an outreach minister, chaplain and author who has his own Christian website,, and sets out each week to find thought-provoking messages of inspiration, hope and encouragement for our readers.

AS WE TOLD you on November 23, today, Sunday, sees the coming together of the bands from three colleges – College Of The Mainland, Alvin Community College and Brazosport College – at a concert of well-known holiday songs. The event takes place at 4:00pm on the Brazosport campus.
This weekend’s inclement weather has caused the postponement of Santa Fe’s Christmas parade and Christmas In The Park until Tuesday, which we first told you about in our November 23 edition. The parade starts at RJ Wollam elementary school at 6:30pm, following which the city’s Christmas tree will be lit at Joe Tambrella Park. Santa will meet children and hear Christmas wishes at the Mae Bruce library.
As we also told you on November 23, you’re invited to the Tree Of Angels ceremony hosted by the county district attorney’s office at the county justice center in Galveston at 6:30pm on Tuesday to memorialize county residents lost to violent crime.
On Wednesday, head to Galveston College to look for a great Christmas present at Galveston Island Potters Guild’s annual sale from morning until early evening.
As we told you on November 27, there are several other events that day, including a lunch hosted by Get Together-Bay Area from 11:30am-1:00pm at Ecclesia Clear Lake church in League City.
La Marque’s Christmas parade begins at 5:30pm at Bobby Beach Park and will be followed by the lighting of the city’s Christmas tree and a chance to take pictures with Santa.
Hitchcock’s holiday festival begins at 6:00pm at the Good Ole Days grounds on Highway 6 and includes a parade, pictures with Santa and holiday music.
College Of The Mainland’s jazz ensemble will be performing musical highlights related to NASA’s space program from 7:00pm at Gilruth Center, Space Center Boulevard, Webster.

Coming soon …

Pottery sale

WHO: Galveston College Island Potters Guild

WHAT: Annual holiday sale

WHEN: December 7, 10:00am-6:00pm

WHERE: College atrium, 4015 Avenue Q

HOW MUCH: Free entry

CONTACT: Beth Thomas, 409-944-1309


Breakfast with Santa

WHO: League City parks department

WHAT: Father Christmas drops in for family fun

WHEN: December 10, 8:00-10:30am

WHERE: Hometown Heroes Park, 1001 E League City Parkway


CONTACT: 281-554-1189


Book sale

WHO: Dickinson public library

WHAT: Disposal of used books

WHEN: December 10, 10:00am-1:00pm

WHERE: Library, 4411 Highway 3

HOW MUCH: Free entry

CONTACT: 281-534-3812


Understanding And Managing PICA

WHO: University Of Houston Clear Lake

WHAT: Presentation on dealing with a disorder leading people to eat items that are not food and discussion about other behaviors

WHEN: December 10, 10:30am-12:30pm

WHERE: UHCL, Bayou building garden room, 2700 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston


CONTACT: UHCL center for autism and developmental disabilities, 281-283-3452


Talent show

WHO: Kookie Foundation

WHAT: People of all ages showcase their talents

WHEN: December 10, 6:00-9:30pm

WHERE: Walter Hall Park, 807 Highway 3, League City


CONTACT: 832-820-0414


Pictures with Santa

WHO: City of League City

WHAT: Father Christmas on the lookout for selfies

WHEN: December 10, 6:00-9:00pm

WHERE: Fire Station 4, 175 Bay Area Boulevard


CONTACT: 281-554-1000

September 5
David Otway Wray
Born July 26, 1952

November 15
Eugene Hayes
Born November 1, 1954

November 16
Pat Gustavson
Born September 25, 1928

November 17
Donald Meek
Age not advised

November 21
George Tamney
Born July 28, 1943

November 22
Beverly Sine Cook
Died at age 88
Sallie Sanford
Age not advised
Deborah Kearney Shaw
Born October 11, 1965

November 23
James Warren Adams
Born December 20, 1944
Patricia Yvonne Bell
Born September 23, 1972
Audrey Ford
Age not advised
Thomas Romero
Born September 13, 1934
Brenda Joyce Rich
Born August 14, 1956
Lee Allen Taylor
Born December 20, 1955

November 24
Rosie Crouch Benavidez
Born November 30, 1946
Margie Ruth Rehm
Born June 29, 1931
Evelyn Taylor
Age not advised

November 25
Winnie Blackwell
Born September 20, 1936
Rodolfo Garcia
Born November 26, 1948
Mary Ellen Martinez
Born September 26, 1939
Ernest Richard Richnow
Born December 9, 1937

November 26
Robert William Corbett
Born June 8, 1945
Richard Mike Duke
Born November 2, 1943
Doris Lee Emmite
Born November 30, 1940
Joseph Murello  
Born July 28, 1951
Rogers Patino
Born December 13, 1945
Willie Mae Spells
Died at age 60
Melvin Devon White
Born May 9, 1954

November 27
Thomas Joseph Cannon
Born March 15, 1945
Jack Cleveland
Died at age 67
Jeffrey Michael Cook
Born February 12, 1986
Mercedes DeLaO
Born September 24, 1921
Helen Juanita Garrett
Born February 6, 1938
Edward James Stelly
Born March 30, 1931

November 28
Edward Caldwell
Died at age 47
Dolores Walls Lambright
Born January 24, 1928
Evelyn Marie Mitchell
Born August 31, 1925
Jackie Bradshaw Reazin
Born June 2, 1927

November 29
Eugene Frederick Felter
Born May 23, 1936
Margaret Lively
Born December 13, 1923
Robert Ralph Mazzucco
Died at age 86
William Rozelle
Born September 27, 1937

November 30
Petra Barrientes
Born November 19, 1939
Betty Lou Guerra
Born December 30, 1931

Date not advised
Louvenia Pattum Green
Age not advised

In loving memoriam is a free service offered by The Post to the Galveston County community each Sunday and records the known passing of citizens up to the previous Thursday. Mourners wishing to publish additional details of their loved one’s passing are invited to call 409-943-4265 for details.