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Teacher Learns a Lesson

I waited 14 years to do something that I should have done my first year of teaching: shadow a student for a day. It was so eye-opening that I wish I could go back to every class of students I ever had right now and change a minimum of ten things – the layout, the lesson plan, the checks for understanding. Most of it!

Back-to-School Checklist for Parents of Children Living With Asthma

While heading back to school may mean buying supplies, for parents of children with asthma, getting ready requires additional steps. Asthma accounts for more than 10 million lost school days every school year.

It’s Never Too Late To Learn

Of course, along with lifelong skills, it is also important to take courses that will help you improve your career. Even if you already have a job, it is always important to have a back-up option, in case you have to change your career path in the future. COM is offering several career preparation courses, including welding, electrical and air-conditioning programs. Furthermore, for those of you who are interested in becoming health professionals, you can earn certifications is fields such as EKG technician, medication aide and dental assistant. The best part? The certifications for these fields can be earned in less than a year.


School district chooses retiring boss’ replacement

Trust us with your education

VOTERS were given a chance to put candidates for educational trusteeships to the test on …

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