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Meet The Man Who Dared To Dream

Mr. Day graduated from Texas City High School in 1972. After that, he attended East Texas Baptist College for one semester. However, he realized that the college route was not for him, and decided to join the workforce.

Historical Multimedia Program at Alvin Senior Center

Young orphans and unwanted children look out the train windows wondering where in the nation they will find a new home, a family and hope for their future.

A special multimedia program, Riders on the Orphan Train will be presented by the Alvin Historical Museum at the Alvin Senior Center Sunday, August 13 at 2 pm. The one-hour presentation is free, open to the public and for general audiences of all ages.

Company with Union Carbide history settles into Texas City

In January, Momentive acquired Texas City’s Sea Lion facility. Sea Lion on Century Boulevard had been creating silane products for Momentive for more than 10 years.

Grocery Shopping Reimagined

By Trishna Buch Hitchcock Chamber Welcomes Online Grocery. How many times have you been relaxing at home, busy at work or enjoying a day out when you remember that you still have groceries to pick-up? Have you ever procrastinated at…

Digital Diva

As you know, in this digital era everything has pretty much gone online. Well it has come time for The Post to do the same. With all the new changes that have been happening here at The Post one of them is We have upgraded and updated our Website to make it newer and better.

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