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Say It With A Shirt

It’s time once again to check out funny t-shirts. You know the ones – the kind that express how you really feel better than you can say it yourself. Today’s shirts are in the latest issue of my favorite catalog and all of them spoke to me. In other words, they made me laugh.

Things We Should Know About Texas

While watching “Jeopardy!” recently, I got interested in a category about state mottos. While I don’t know very many other states’ trivia answers, I thought I knew the ones for Texas.

No Lie – Learning is Fun!

ven though most of us are no longer in school, it’s never too late to learn something new. The wonderful part of taking non-credit courses at the local junior college is that you can learn just for fun. No pressure, no panic attacks about exams. Just take advantage of the chance to expand your horizons while learning about something that piques your interest.

Fastest Wings In The West

This N That by Nicky De Lange

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