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Can I put my shirt on a question of fitness?

This ‘n’ That

Delang, Nicki Nicky De Lange

It’s time for one of those columns again – the ones that are great examples of where the title “This ’n’ That” originated.
A lot of writers call these “roundup” columns. This is where we round up all those unrelated little sticky notes and stray bits of paper that cover our desks, duct-tape them together (electronically speaking) and call them a column.
In other words, I’ve just decided to clear off my desk.
In doing so, I found a really cool sentiment I saw on the signboard at First Christian church in Texas City. (They have some great messages.)
This one, from at least a few months ago, proclaimed: “Life has no remote – Get up and change it yourself!” There should be a T-shirt that says that.
Speaking of T-shirts (you saw this one coming, right?), here are a few gems that I didn’t have space for in an earlier column.
This one is perfect for me. It states unequivocally: “I suffer from OCD. Obsessive Cat Disorder.”
They got that right.
Here’s another shirt for those times when you are just a bit past your limit: “Sometimes I question my sanity. Occasionally it replies.” Scary but true.
This one isn’t very tactful but there are times when it probably says it all for you: “I’ll TRY to be nicer if you try to be smarter.”
If you have days when you’re feeling just a bit older than you would like to be, here’s your shirt: “Young at heart … slightly older in other places.”
For all you teachers out there who give so much to the students you work with: “I’m not crazy because I teach. I’m crazy because I like it.”
As always, I’ve saved my favorite for last – because it’s my column, I write it and I get to make these big decisions. This column’s winning T-shirt says: “People said ‘follow your dreams’ so I went back to bed.”
Next up, where did they go? This week’s pressing question concerns Texas City’s Nessler Park. For many years, it has had a variety of exercise stations where local citizens could get a nice workout climbing ropes, doing chin-ups, sit-ups and other fitness activities.
Not anymore. My husband and I went for our daily walk one afternoon and the fitness stations were in their usual locations. The next day they were gone.
Vanished. Beamed up by the mother ship?
Now all that remains are large, dug-out squares of dirt. No signs showing how to work out, no landscape timbers to keep the dirt filler in and – sometimes – the weeds out.
Zip, zilch, nada.
I can’t remember how many workout stations there were, but I think there were between six and eight. I’ll guesstimate that the space they each took up was about 6ft x 6ft.
Whoever removed them worked fast. They were there one day and gone the next.
So the big question for this week is really three questions – who removed them, why did they do that and are they going to be replaced?
The stations were scattered along the Rotary Club fitness trail built back in the 1980s. At some point there were quite a few more, but they too were removed – and never replaced. Let’s hope that isn’t going to happen again.
By the time you read this, I hope to have gotten the answers to my questions. If I do, I’ll report back to you here on “the case of the disappearing workout stations”.

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