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Bible is God’s inspiration


Calhoun, RL                        RL Calhoun

Pastor’s pulpit with RL Calhoun

As I noted last week, there are three vital aspects of God’s will – his providential will, his prescribed will and his personal will.
God’s prescribed will is laid out clearly in the Bible. For that reason, the Bible has been appropriately called The Handbook Of Life. In his second letter to Timothy, Paul described the word of God this way: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”
It was a foggy night when the captain of a ship saw what appeared to be another ship’s running lights in the distance. He quickly concluded that the oncoming vessel was obviously on a direct collision course with his ship.
He immediately signaled the other ship: “Please change your course 10 degrees to the east.”
Blinking through the fog, this reply came back: “You change your course 10 degrees to the west.”
The captain was furious. He instantly sent another message: “I am a sea captain with 35 years’ experience. Change your course 10 degrees to the east and do it now!”
Without delay, this signal came back: “I’m a seaman fourth class. Change your course 10 degrees west.”
Enraged, the captain, realizing that a terrible crash was imminent, beamed another message: “I’m a 50-ton freighter. Change course before
it’s too late!”
This simple message was flashed back: “Well, I’m a lighthouse. You change course before it’s too late.”
God has provided all of us with the lighthouse of his guidance. His course for all of us is laid out in his inspired word. If you want to know the way the Lord expects you to live and conduct yourself, you must study the Bible and then choose to live by its teachings in the power of the Holy Spirit.
What I am saying to you bottom line is that God’s prescribed will for living a life that is both satisfying and victorious is plainly laid out in his word. In his book Knowing God’s Will, Blaine Smith points out: “He has blessed us with the scriptures as a rock-solid, immutable testimony to his will and purpose for human life. The revelation of scripture is as unchangeable as the nature of God himself, and its guidance is as non-negotiable as the beam of illumination from a lighthouse.”
Today the Bible is being attacked continually. It is being ridiculed as having been written by misguided men who were out of touch with the real world. Therefore, its detractors say, when it comes to issues of morality and what is right and wrong, its teachings are to be rejected.
Well, I always remind people that life is all about choices. Your decision to accept the word of God as the source of his prescribed will is yours and yours alone. However, know this: choices involve consequences. People are living and dying every day on the basis of the choices they make.
Make the right choice. Most people own a Bible. Yet, they never pick it up. They never read it. Don’t be like one of them – be different.
If you will determine to live by what the word of God teaches, you will never go wrong. But choose instead to embrace the philosophy of humanism that has inundated our society and you are heading for certain disaster.
Do you believe God has a personal plan for your life? That question will be answered in next week’s article.
RL Calhoun is pastor of New Life Fellowship church in Texas City.

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