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Tech laggard JC Penney checks out click’n’collect


Faw, Larissa             Larissa Faw

WHILE many retailers allow shoppers to buy online and pick up in store, JC Penney has only recently begun rolling out the consumer-friendly purchase option to its bricks-and-mortar stores.
However, one third of customers have already taken advantage of the ability to buy online and ship to the store they desire.
Retailers like the service because shoppers typically buy more than they intend when they turn up to shop at brick-and-mortar locations.
By 2016, JC Penney expects the service to be in all its stores.
Vote for me!
Election season drives people to CafePress, a website selling election-themed items.
Although the general election is when sales really spike, this year’s run-up to the presidential primaries has been popular thanks to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.
“Primary people get excited,” says CafePress CEO Fred Durham.
“You have to keep [introducing new] bumper stickers and replacing. There is certainly a lot of activity and interest.”
Checking in
Inbound travel to the United States is projected to be up by one per cent year over year, according to hotels group Marriott.
International arrivals account for about five per cent of the US lodging business.
Thanks to Obamacare
Health insurance provider UnitedHealthcare expects to sign up 1.4 million people in 2015, bringing the company’s total new members in the past six years to 10 million.
In July, UnitedHealthcare released the next evolution of its diabetes-prevention and weight-management program called Real Appeal, which merges proven science and diabetes prevention with motivational multimedia weight and lifestyle management programs to reduce the onset of diabetes, reduce obesity and improve overall health.
Outsourcing parks
The US government is outsourcing its park services. Yosemite will become the ninth park that hospitality services provider Aramark is serving for the national park system.
Under a 15-year contract scheduled to begin in March of 2016, Aramark will manage all of Yosemite’s hospitality programs, including lodging, food and beverage, retail, recreational and transportation services.
Last year, the company hosted more than 22 million visitors at 16 national and state parks.
In stock
Automotive-repair retailer Advance Auto Parts is doing a better job of putting products on store shelves.
At the end of the second quarter, the chain had 777 stores receiving deliveries each day, an increase of 77 stores from the total for the first quarter, moving it closer to its year-end goal of 1,000 stores.
Game time
Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga and Farm Heroes Saga were in the top 10 highest-grossing games in the USA on iOS and Google Play for the second quarter, making it the sixth consecutive quarter that King Entertainment has had at least three titles in the top 10 of the game charts in one or both stores.
Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga now offer players more than 1,000 levels to enjoy. Even so, the games’ overall numbers have stagnated from their earlier popularity.
Clean teeth
Ten per cent of toothpaste sales are from the Colgate Total brand. Now manufacturer Colgate is aging down, having recently launched its first- “full-tooth” portfolio featuring the Minions for toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash.
Life jolt
Electroshock weapons manufacturer Taser is moving beyond just providing buzz protection.
The company’s long-term goal is to manage a law-enforcement officer’s entire digital life, including cameras as well as cloud storage and mobile communications.
In all, it has its sights on providing protection, video capture, storage and management of data throughout the entire criminal justice system.
Paint woes
Weather has hurt Sherwin-Williams paint sales. It may have been dry recently but the effect of unprecedented rainfall across most of the United States during spring is hard to ignore, company executives say.
Altogether, 16 states recorded above-average rainfall in April. That number increased to 22 states in May, with 12 of those recording much above average and Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado setting all-time rainfall records.
Trade off
US sales currently represent approximately 75 per cent of equipment supplier Oshkosh’s sales and the company believes that rising construction activity will lead to higher demand for access equipment.
However, its executives also now believe the construction-driven demand will not be enough to fully offset reduced replacement demand in 2016, leading to a sales decline of five-to-10 per cent in the nation next year.

Chickens crazy about Texas
MEXICAN dining chain El Pollo Loco is doubling down on Texas, with plans to introduce 20 to 30 restaurants to the Dallas market by 2019.
The group recently opened shop in Humble and says its Houston location is exceeding expectations.
“To ensure continued success in our Texas expansion, we recently added directors of operations and real estate who will be responsible for company operations and new site selection,” says CEO Stephen Sather.

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