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Help make Settlement day a really great party

This year’s 1867 Settlement will host its annual celebration on the Bell Strip at 117 Bell Drive, Texas City, from noon to 7:00pm on Saturday, September 26.
Our event will feature a parade, trail ride, historical program, live musical entertainment, a disc jockey, food and arts-and-crafts vendors, a moonwalk, antique and Corvette car show and much, much more!
The 1867 Settlement committee would appreciate Post readers’ involvement to help make this celebration of 148 years since emancipation one of our best.
We need more street vendors, sponsors and volunteers, so I implore anyone who would like to help in any way call me at 409-935-5219 or Frankie Haynes at 409-599-1967.
Vera Bell-Gary
Texas City

Let’s have courtesy on the sidewalk

As elderly residents of Texas City, we appreciate that we are able to visit the dyke and levees, walk in the park and enjoy all the facilities of our city’s Nessler Center. However, something that happened on the morning of Wednesday, August 26, disturbed us.
As my wife and I took our morning walk, we crossed paths with two middle-aged women who were walking towards us at a fast rate. Being courteous, we stepped aside for them to pass on the sidewalk.
On our second time around, we met the same women. It seems that they were intent on forcing us off the sidewalk! They came at us with a forceful speed and my wife brushed arms with one of them as we were trying to get out of their way.
Who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t tried to evade them. We weren’t merely moving to our half of the sidewalk, we were almost forced off it so that they could have the “right of way”.
Rules for the walking paths should be posted outside the city’s fitness center so that people who don’t know common courtesy understand what is expected of them. The women we encountered were Hispanic, so the rules should be posted in both English and Spanish as a courtesy to all walkers.
We would appreciate Post readers’ consideration in this matter so that everyone in the community can be made aware of this situation.
John Jansen
Texas City

Curb end-of-summer drink-and-drive deaths

As summer celebrations enter their final weeks, the Texas department of transportation is unveiling its Drink, Drive, Go To Jail campaign.
We urge drivers not to turn their summer fun into a life-changing tragedy by being irresponsible when it comes to drinking and driving. A safe and sober ride should be at the top of every driver’s list when making plans with family and friends.
If not, they run the serious risk of being pulled over by a law-enforcement officer, being killed or killing someone else. It’s just not worth it.
According to data collected from the Texas Peace Officers Crash Report, which was received and processed by the department on July 20, last summer in Texas, 336 people were killed and 680 seriously injured in alcohol-related crashes.
Texas drivers convicted of DWI face up to $17,000 in costs, possible jail time, limited career prospects and loss of driver license. In an effort to curb impaired driving, TxDOT’s Drink, Drive, Go To Jail campaign is being supported by increased law-enforcement efforts until September 7.
TxDOT strongly encourages everyone to plan for a sober ride before going out. Anyone can visit to find alternatives to drinking and driving, such as calling a taxi or using a transportation app on a smartphone, using mass transit, asking a sober friend or family member for a ride home and staying put.
John Barton
Deputy executive
director, TxDOT

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