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A great day to shop local


SMALL BUSINESS Thursday is an annual event featuring open houses, special offers, discounts, giveaways and some special guests or demonstrations at participating businesses throughout Texas City.
It’s timed for Thursday, November 19, enabling holiday shoppers to avoid the crowds, pushy atmosphere, hectic racing here and there on Black Friday by getting out a week earlier in a calmer setting with more chance of finding that unique holiday gift.
And, as I have found out, often a small business will order what it doesn’t have on hand so you don’t have to rush around to find it. This extra attention is lost at so many large stores or crowded malls.
Now is the time for Texas City business owners to sign up to participate and take full advantage of the marketing we do for the event at city hall. Businesses wanting to participate this year need to register quickly if they wish to avoid a $25 participation fee.
Registration is free until Wednesday, October 7, and our registration contacts are James Hartshorn – by phone at 409-643-5919 or by e-mail at – and Justin Herter, at 409-643-5926 or
Alternatively, business owners can go to our website at by October 15.
Advertising dollars go so much further with this program as the city works with local advertisers to produce ads listing participating businesses, promoting the event, providing flags to identify each business as a participant and sharing information through other local businesses.
Texas City supports its small businesses and hosting a kick-off holiday-shopping day in November is just one way we make it easier for companies and patrons to do business together by making it fun.
We work closely with our sponsoring partners, all of whom share in a desire to make Texas City a better place to live and shop.
So please remember: Try Us First – Shop Texas City!
Nick Finan
Texas City

Why not a chamber of commerce for Dickinson?

AS A BUSINESSWOMAN and artistic director of Bay Area Harbour Playhouse, a nonprofit community theatre in Dickinson, for 24 years, I believe a chamber of commerce would be a wonderful addition to our growing community.
Dickinson does not have its own newspaper. Our businesses and citizens are dependent upon other cities’ newspapers and community newsletters for publicity about local events. If we desire publicity other than a casual mention, we must purchase advertisements in these publications.
Our businesses are forced to become members of other cities’ chambers of commerce that have little or no interest in what goes on in Dickinson.
Dues are paid with little return and local businesses that support other chambers seem to have little interest in what their own city offers.
There is no voice to promote our town’s assets or businesses. We need a way to support growth and listen to concerns.
Dickinson needs a chamber of commerce to encourage existing and new businesses to invest in the city as it grows, as evidenced by the continual replacement of aging school buildings with updated structures and the addition of more schools to accommodate its increasing population.
Dickinson is a proud community and a chamber would attract more businesses.
What a fantastic addition it would be to potential local businesses if newcomers were welcomed with ribbon cuttings and a listing in a buyers’ guide.
We have already started the process and we ask for continued support in our venture by everyone in our city.
Bennie Nipper

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