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Different realities for Odom and Pitino


Basketball star Lamar Odom’s drug overdose and weekend frolic in a Las Vegas house of prostitution made national headlines. News reports indicate that he is better and that his divorce to Khloe Kardashian has been called off. They
are going to give it a second chance.
If I were a betting man, I would wager that there is some sort of weird new reality show in the mix for both persons that will rake in several million dollars.
Huh? How is that even possible? Well, in the crazy mixed-up world of Hollywood and reality television, it seems there are no scruples when it comes to sanity.

Odom and Pitino- cropped      Lamar Odom                  Rick Pitino

Is there really a chance that Odom will live happily ever after? If an average person went through Odom’s near-death scenario with a national media frenzy attached to it, he would probably have rather just died than face all the public scrutiny. It’s a different world, though, in Hollywood. The Kardashians have no shame and will cash in on anything, even if it means releasing a sex tape in order to jumpstart a career.
In reality, Odom can once again fly high.
I don’t see this happening for Rick Pitino, head coach of the University Of Louisville Cardinals basketball team, after accusations that Andre McGee, a graduate assistant basketball coach for Louisville who has moved on to another team, arranged prostitutes for incoming team recruits.
Crazy stuff has been written about McGee by a prostitute, whose name I will not mention, in a book whose title I will not mention. She alleges that she did stripper parties arranged by McGee for incoming freshman player recruits and that he paid her and her daughters to engage in sexual acts with some of the players.
I’ve seen Pitino on television and he does not look good. He and most of the people associated with the Cardinals team swear they know nothing of the allegations. He has demanded that McGee come forward, come clean and set the record straight. McGee is the only one who knows the real story, he says.
Sports commentators and radio DJs have been calling for Pitino’s resignation. But I don’t see how a coach can know everything that is going on with all his staff and players. I certainly do not believe that Pitino had anything to do with the arrangement of such shenanigans, nor that he knew anything about them. The prostitute has stated that she never saw him at any of the events.
Things are different in Louisville than they are in Las Vegas or Hollywood. If Coach Pitino is beheaded because of McGee’s horrendously bad judgment, then this will probably be the end of his hall-of-fame basketball career. And, while Odom allegedly blew $75,000 in a hotel brothel, he will probably come back with several million.
McGee allegedly spent $10,000 on the Louisville prostitutes. If proved, it could put U of L on probation, cost Pitino his multi-million-dollar basketball contract and sour the entire season, or even several seasons, for the Cardinals basketball team.
I hope that Odom truly recovers and that maybe his life will start a positive upward direction. I can only hope that Louisville’s nightmare will eventually end and that Pitino and the basketball program can regain normalcy. However, when looking at these two different basketball personalities, it’s uncertain today which of their reputations is being put to death.
Glenn Mollette is an American author whose syndicated column is read in all 50 states.

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