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Warm days trigger slowdown in hunting sales


SPORTING goods chain Dick’s is setting up a concept known as Field & Stream to be independent from its main stores.
There are now 19 stand-alone Field & Stream shops and Dick’s has just launched a Field & Stream e-commerce site rather than include it as a tab on its Dick’s website.
However, the hunting business has continued to be difficult, says the company’s Edward Stack.

He said: “A lot of that, we feel, is caused by the warm weather so the guys haven’t had to buy any jackets, boots, left, socks, layering pieces.
“That’s all been pretty difficult and we expect it will continue. You kind of saw some other competitors in this space talk about the same thing and we’re kind of all experiencing the same sales.”
More with less
A 12-ounce can traded to a seven-ounce can is a 42 per cent reduction in volume, but it’s an increase in revenue for soda manufacturer Coca-Cola. The company charges more for the smaller-size cans yet says they are flying off the shelves.
The smaller packages are particularly popular among upper-income consumers and moms because moms want to treat their kids but don’t want them to have too much. The parents want to be in control, say Coca-Cola executives.
Cash grab
Thirty-two per cent of parents hope their children receive money or other financial gifts this holiday season instead of new toys, clothes or books, according to investment company Voya Financial.
Open state
In 2014, 10 per cent of all refugees coming to the USA were resettled in Texas, according to PBS News Hour.
Story time
Store chain Target is celebrating the holidays with a digital storybook narrated by Neil Patrick Harris.
The 49-page Odyssey Storybook: Three Kids, A Dog And An Epic Quest To Light A Ridiculously Giant Tree is available at and features interactive activities, moving pictures, sound effects and animation.
New chapters will be introduced online regularly until December 25.
Bean counters
Apparently, the average Starbucks order costs $5.00. Food sales now make up 20 per cent of the coffee chain’s orders and, over the next five years, it will be expected to reach 25 per cent.
The company plans to open 1,800 stores in 2016, of which 70 per cent will be outside the USA, with about half to them in China.
Minor matters
Discount chain TJ Maxx says its online orders represent only one per cent of its sales.
However, since launching two years ago, the retailer has added more than 3,000 brands in more than 25 department on its e-commerce site.
Global woes
World dominance isn’t always a good thing, says multinational consumer-goods company Procter & Gamble. But, then, who’s counting?
P&G has huge leading positions in some of the toughest markets in comparison with its next largest multinational competitor.
Its business, for instance, is more than three times larger in Russia and Ukraine than anyone else.
In Japan its business is six times larger than
the next largest non-Japanese competitor.
P&G is almost three times larger that its nearest competitor in China and, in the Middle East, it is twice as large as the next multinational competitor.
These tough markets represent more than $14 billion in sales, or roughly 20 per cent of the company’s total annual revenue.
Package pickup
Forty-two per cent of online orders at DIY chain Home Depot are picked up at the nearest store rather than shipped to customers’ homes.
And now the home-improvement group has three direct fulfillment centers enabling it to reach 90 per cent of US customers in two business days or less with parcel shipping.
Some 23 per cent of all drug stores in the USA, including Duane Reade and Walgreens stores, are owned by The Walgreen Company.
If the pharmaceutical chain’s merger with Rite-Aid is approved, the percentage will increase dramatically. Yet Walgreen says this large footprint will benefit consumers, particularly with omni-channel shopping.
Walgreen’s Boots pharmacies in the UK, for instance, report that more than 70 per cent of the products sold online at are now collected in the customer’s local store.
Frozen jets
Airline EasyJets has reported lower sales due to maintenance matters.
The comparatively mild weather in the winter in 2014 was not repeated in 2015 and the airline had around 15,000 de-icing events in the first half of this year after suffering around 8,000 in the same period last year.

Recycling ads are in the bag
POWER company Green Mountain Energy has come up with an environmentally friendly campaign that takes the concept of recycling to new levels.
The renewable-energy company first introduced 10 billboards in Dallas and Houston that highlighted its sustainability efforts and raised awareness about its clean-energy mission from June to October.
Now, Green Mountain is recycling the billboard materials to turn into 1,000 tote bags and 20 tablet sleeves to be distributed as “thank you” gifts to its customers and employees.
The bags are in production right now and will be distributed early next month.

Larissa Faw covers business trends for Forbes, The Motley Fool and other financial websites. She can be contacted at

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