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Shoppers so frugal with anti fraud security


Faw, Larissa                Larissa Faw

A NEW SURVEY conducted by retail coupons specialist BeFrugal reveals that, this holiday season, more Americans are worried about falling victim to identity theft, credit-card fraud or a store’s data breach than traditional concerns like sticking to a budget or dealing with crowds.
According to the company, the number is 42 per cent, whereas those afraid of budgeting and crowds are neck and neck at 27 per cent.
Intrigued? The company’s survey dug a little deeper into the group concerned about ID theft and suchlike and found that, while 63 per cent of its number worry about security when spending at retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores or pharmacies, only 53 per cent of them have the same apprehension about spending on a brand’s website and just 45 per cent feel nervous about spending on a brand’s mobile site or app.
While Americans have adopted basic anti-fraud security habits, the majority does not always take additional effective measures, the company says. Indeed, 78 per cent do not enable text verification for accounts whenever possible and 75 per cent do not frequently update and differentiate their passwords.
And 67 per cent of Americans don’t always check the URL address for a padlock symbol to make sure its site is secure, 53 per cent don’t shop online using a secure network connection and 53 per cent don’t keep their antivirus software updated.
Present sales
Forty-two per cent of people expect to buy more gifts online this season than they did last year, while 23 per cent plan on only shopping online, according to advertising agency R2C Group.
And 31 per cent of consumers don’t plan on doing any holiday shopping at all, the company says.
Tube time
Despite the constant chatter of cord-cutting, the average American still watches five hours of television a day, says digital-video-recorder manufacturer TiVo.
Soupy sales
Fifty-nine per cent of all soups sold are Campbell’s Soup Company brands, while 13 per cent are private-label brands, with remaining soup makers such as Progresso comprising 28 per cent of all soup sales.
Higher tech
Retail giant Walmart is embracing new technology to entice people into its stores because customers who start using online grocery spend nearly 50 per cent more than customers who shop only in stores.
The company has begun chain-wide use of a mobile service that can tell it when a customer is coming to pick up an online general-merchandise order before they even walk into the store.

Everywhere but
Agricultural merchandiser Tractor Supply Company, above, has locations in every US state but Alaska and doesn’t think it will be opening one up there anytime soon.
Its strategy is focused on what it calls localization, understanding the needs of a small-town store “versus a store maybe located 40 or 50 miles away,” says the company’s Gregory Sandfort.
“It’s difficult to do, it takes a lot of talent and a lot of systems work but we understand it better today than we have. We continue to work on it.”
He said most of the company’s customers “don’t even know” it has close to 1,500 stores.
“What they know is they have a Tractor Supply store in their town and that store is relevant,” he said.
Regional bosses
Despite the reputation of New York City and DC as being the center of the world, millennials living in in the two cities and DC are less likely to see themselves as “leaders” than those living in other areas of the nation, says financial-services company The Hartford.
While the NYC and DC figure comes in at 74 per cent, in the south it’s 83 per cent, in the west and midwest it’s 80 per cent.


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