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Too much trust for Iran in nuclear deal


Weber, Randy 2014 Web Ready              Randy Weber

US congressman Randy Weber writes exclusively in The Post about issues involving his work as part of our nation’s government

After being staunchly opposed by congress and the American people, the Iran nuclear deal’s Implementation Day came on January 16. By the end of the month, many of the sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States and Europe had been lifted, legitimizing the middle-eastern nation’s involvement in the international business arena. Iran Nuclear Deal2
While some, including our own administration, celebrate this as “progress”, I argue that this deal will go down in history as one that empowered our enemies while compromising our own national security.
Through the nuclear deal, Iran now has the ability to strengthen its economy through trading, while receiving $1.7 billion from the United States for a military-equipment settlement that occurred back in 1979, more than $1 billion of which is tax-payer funded interest. An additional $100-$150 billion in hard currency will also flow into its coffers.
Instead of limiting Iran’s ability to attack us and our allies, our administration is giving a country known for its deception, instability and hatred for the West the funds to begin advancing its own military and defense capabilities.
Supporters of the deal argue that the enhanced oversight allowed over all of Iran’s nuclear facilities is a good thing. However, the deal also highlights Iran’s ability to “self-inspect” its own facilities, which could easily allow its inspectors to lie and hide their nation’s true nuclear capabilities.
With this deal in place, there is no reason for Americans to feel safer. If anything, we should be more fearful now than ever before.
Those who support the deal also argue that Iran’s current regime has made great progress in proving themselves. And yet Iran violated the terms of the negotiation many times while the agreement was under discussion and has already violated the terms of the deal numerous times since its finalization.
In a country known for its support of global terror, it should be incumbent upon Iran to earn our trust rather than incumbent upon the United States and our allies to blindly accede to its wishes.
Through this deal, our administration has done nothing more than display its ignorance by putting its faith into a country that has proven countless times that it cannot be trusted.
Our executive branch has bypassed congress and the American people by moving forward with the deal, proving that our administration works more for our enemies than it does for us.
It’s time to tell our president to put America first instead of those who wish to see the annihilation of our great nation.
Randy Weber is the US representative for the 14th district of Texas, which covers Brazoria, Galveston and Jefferson counties.

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