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Three Republicans state their favored candidate’s case in the election to replace retiring county commissioner Ryan Dennard


Senter, Bob cropped      Bob Senter

The man to restore trust in our county

By guest writer Bob Senter

I would like to extend my endorsement for Darrell Apffel as county commissioner for precinct 1.
Darrell, below, is a lifelong resident of the county and a 29- year resident of precinct 1. He served as the justice of the peace in Texas City for 12 years, during which time his principled decisions were always based on his conservative values. DApffel_Pushcard_Large.cdr
He is the most qualified, committed, conservative Republican candidate for the position, with both successful private and political experience. If elected, he will enter the position without political agendas or self-promotion and will serve the people he represents.
The current county commissioners have forgotten about you, the taxpayer. I’m sure you have read in news reports that they have spent nearly 900,000 of your tax dollars fighting the judiciary.
Darrell’s promise is simple – he will work to restore the commission’s transparency, rebuild trust and reestablish teamwork. The county commissioners need to get back to basics and concentrate on fixing the potholes in our streets, repairing bridges, building roads, improving drainage and other infrastructure and balancing the county budget.
Put simply, the commissioners need to get back to doing the jobs they were elected to do.
If elected, Darrell Apffel will work with all the county’s elected officials and department heads to ensure they have the resources needed to effectively serve the citizens of our county.
As a member of this community for 15years, I am supporting him because he has always been a man of his word and willing to fight for the good of the county.
He has not hidden the fact that he has voted – and was elected justice of the peace – in the Democratic Party’s primary elections. However, and to his credit, he has never hidden behind the Democratic label.
In the past, Galveston County Democrats were conservative and shared the same values that Darrell holds dear. The Democratic Party has since changed to include a liberal faction set on destroying the American way of life. As a result, many of its candidates have made the change to the Republican Party, including district-court judge Lonnie Cox, constable Clint Wayne Brown and judge Wayne Mallia.
Many prominent US and Texas politicians have made the same change. We members of the GOP should embrace and welcome these good conservative public servants to our party.
I know Darrell Apffel is a man of his word and will put 100 per cent of his efforts into doing the right thing for the citizens of Galveston County.
I ask that you vote in the Republican Primary this cycle for a change nationally and locally. Specifically, I ask that you vote for Darrell Apffel to be your precinct 1county commissioner.
Bob Senter is a Texas City insurance agent and a former Republican candidate for state legislative office.


Hocking, Bobby 2016 cropped     Bobby Hocking

A proven leader for our community

By guest writer Bobby Hocking

Tim Paulissen is the right choice in the Republican Party’s primary for county commissioner.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with him during my tenure as mayor of La Marque. I’ve seen first-hand his effort, his ability and his philosophy. I know he’ll bring capable, conservative leadership to the commissioners’ court.Paulissen, Tim For county commisioner
But, more importantly, Tim, left, will bring a heart and passion for public service. He enjoys helping his neighbors. As mayor of League City, he’s available and responsive to residents. He’s well informed about the details of issues affecting his community. But he’s also taken a leadership role on regional issues that affect Galveston County as a whole.
He has been active in Galveston County Mayors And Councilmembers Association, which brings together leaders from cities across our county. I am serving my third term as president of this organization, after taking over the position from Tim’s capable hands. That’s one way I’ve gotten to know him. I’ve collaborated with him to address challenges we face across our region.
I also serve with Tim on the Galveston County transit authority, where he is in his third year as chairman. The authority is a regional body that helps obtain funding for local transportation and transit projects. As Galveston County grows, Tim’s relationships and experience on transportation issues will be a huge asset for both the county and its cities, which look to the county as an important partner for regional transportation.
Voters can see Tim’s track record as a councilman and mayor of League City and know the kind of results he’ll produce as county commissioner.
As mayor, he helped lower the city tax rate to historic lows not seen since the Ronald Reagan administration. He has proven experience balancing a budget while curbing spending and keeping an eye on citizen tax dollars. When he says he will keep county taxes low, we can trust that promise because that’s what he has done in the past.
Similarly, as mayor, he demonstrated a commitment to improving law enforcement and public safety. And, under his watch, League City was recognized as one of the safest places to live in Texas. So, when he says he’ll focus on improving public safety as county commissioner, we can rely on his commitment, because he’s proven his effort and his ability to get results.
Likewise, during his time as mayor, Tim’s city government has completed more substantial infrastructure projects than had been done in the city’s entire history before he took office. That is incredible. And it gives real credibility to his campaign commitment to get regional transportation and other infrastructure projects built at the county level, to help all of us better manage our growing population.
He is committed to the quick and successful expansion of state highway 146. He’s focused on getting Grand Avenue, the Bacliff segment of Highway 646, built sooner, with curbs, gutters and sidewalks. And he’s promised to work with TxDOT to see that the Gulf Freeway project is completed as fast as possible, so local families can get out of construction traffic and get on their way. I have confidence in his proven track record of getting major projects complete at the local government level.
Tim will reflect our values and concerns as county commissioner because he shares them. He and his wife, Ann, have raised two sons in Galveston County and they want it to remain a great place for their future grandkids.
While I am friends with both of the other county-commissioner candidates, and respect their service, I know that, if elected, Tim Paulissen will dedicate himself to the job and perform well.
We will be able to call him directly on his cell phone. He’ll care about our concerns and be responsive. He will serve us with distinction. Electing him our county commissioner will strengthen our community.
Bobby Hocking is mayor of his hometown and the city known as Gateway To The Gulf, La Marque.


Phillips, Shawn 2016Shawn Christopher Phillips

A lifetime devoted to party and precinct

By guest writer Shawn Christopher Phillips

“If my critics saw me walking over the Thames they would say it was because I couldn’t swim” – Margaret Thatcher

In the Republican Party primary on March 1, the voters of the county commission’s precinct 1 are charged with selecting a new commissioner. Even though there are three candidates vying for the seat on commissioners court, we are fortunate to have one clear and worthy choice to vote for –recent county chair and lifelong conservative Republican precinct 1 resident Barbara Meeks. Meeks publicity photo
The truth of the matter is that Barbara, left, is uniquely and profoundly overqualified to be the precinct’s county commissioner and it could not have a better advocate on the ballot. She has lived, worked, prayed, struggled, raised her family and enjoyed success all in precinct 1 since 1966.
Barbara was awarded a Texas PTA life membership and is an award-winning businesswoman.  She worked tirelessly to turn our county into a Republican county and, from 2008, raised almost $500,000 for the county’s Republican Party to make that happen. Her work ethic, leadership, honesty and integrity helped turn Galveston County vibrantly red.
Barbara Meeks has already achieved two Republican countywide election victories. Indeed, those two races were won by landslide margins.
If the county commission precinct 1 race were based on qualifications alone, then she need only have filed the paperwork and announced. However, due to some overambitious political scheming from outside the precinct – heck, even outside the Republican Party, for that matter – the race also has drawn the candidacies of a jazzercise instructor and a slip-n-fall trial attorney.
It would pass for a bad joke if it weren’t true, but Barbara Meeks knows that the stakes for precinct 1 are no laughing matter.
If her opponents truly respected precinct 1 voters, they would know that those voters are not swayed by an excessive amount of campaign money spent on an inordinate quantity of political yard signs. Precinct 1 voters are intelligent and simply not gullible enough to be won over by mere signage.
Barbara Meeks genuinely cares about the residents of precinct 1 and will work closely with the county engineer to address drainage and roadway issues important to them. She supports law-enforcement efforts making precinct 1 an even safer place to live and work.
Moreover, she will strive to increase the profit potential of the ports of Texas City and Galveston. She will partner with chambers of commerce and economic development corporations facilitating the county’s capitalizing on economic development and tourism.
It should go without saying that Barbara Meeks is precinct 1 voters’ choice if their core values include pro-life, pro-gun, smaller government, less spending and lower taxes. Rest assured, she eats, sleeps and breathes the Republican platform.
Barbara believes in the integrity of local government as the people’s voice and she will never concede, cave, negotiate or bargain with any anyone bent on destroying local government as it was set up and structured on behalf of the people. She will never surrender the people’s voice or role in our beloved democracy.
She stands firmly with the 40-plus Texas counties of the Conference Of Urban Counties and the Texas County Judges And Commissioners Association that have issued resolutions of support for Galveston County commissioners court in its current legal case against judge Lonnie Cox of the 56th district court.
For longtime conservative Republicans like myself, it is a pleasure to tout the virtues and qualifications of a paragon Republican candidate like Barbara Meeks. Make the right call and vote for her as your next precinct 1 county commissioner.
US Navy combat veteran Shawn Christopher Phillips is a long-time resident of Texas City who services and tests industrial equipment for compliance with environmental regulations.

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