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The show must go on


Price, Kevin, uniformed                        Kevin Price

By guest writer Kevin Price

I  would like to respond to The Post’s February 6 article No Stepping On Toes – Yet, which reported Texas City independent school district superintendent Cynthia Lusignolo’s position regarding the future of the La Marque high-school band.
With La Marque ISD being annexed into TCISD next school year, this is a big topic for many people in the community. I feel that allowing La Marque’s marching band to keep its style is important and here’s why.
For starters, the show-band style of marching is a huge part of the La Marque program’s identity.
As it stands, there are many mixed emotions flying around about the district’s closure and annexation and changing the band’s marching style would be very unsettling for many students, faculty and community members.
There is no denying that Texas City has an amazing band program in place, but wouldn’t it be cool for the new combined district to excel in two vastly different styles? It would bring a heightened sense of diversity to the district, which I view as being exceedingly beneficial.
I have seen arguments about the professionalism and skill exhibited by show bands in the past and, as a former member of one, let me clear up any misperceptions about the differences between the two styles.
Most traditional corps-style bands usually have about 10 to 20 songs in their repertoire, while show bands typically commit 50-plus songs to memory. With slight variations, traditional bands do the same half-time routine most of the year in preparation for University Interscholastic League competition.
Show bands are under no UIL constraints and switch it up every few performances. Musicians are meant to entertain and that is their focus – to put on a big “show”.
I’m not saying that one is better than the other but don’t be mistaken because of false perceptions.
I ask that Superintendent Lusignolo at least take this into consideration with perspicacity and exercise her best sense of judgment before making any major changes to our beloved LMHS band program. To everyone else who loves the band, thanks in advance for your support!
Former La Marque ISD student Kevin Price has returned to live in his home county after serving in the US Army for 11 years, during which he rose to the rank of staff sergeant and served oversees in Operation Iraqi Freedom. His duty stations included Houston, Fort Hood, Fort Lewis in Washington State, Camp Casey in South Korea and Grafenwoher in Germany.

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